Monday, August 14, 2006

The Good The Bad & The Ugly of The Hawks First Preseason Game

Well i saw the game on Saturday nad watched it again on NFLnetwork on Sunday this time without yelling at the television that you guys are killing me and analyzed the game. This is what i think was good, bad and ugly of the first game. This is ment to spark some real football discussion so agree, disagree, make points i missed and so on and so forth. So without gurther to do lets get this list started.

The Good

The 12th Man: I just had to list this first because thats what waas the most intriguing thing about the game. Even before the first play the Seattle fans were ready to go. Football season is back and Seattle fans know it and are ready. The noise was incredible and that was a preseason game, I can't imagine how loud they will get come the regular season and playoffs. Some false starts occured which I will credit to them even if they were'nt fully responsible for them. Good job Seattle fans you are the best and loudest in the NFL.

Maurice Mann: Man where did this kid come from. I never heard him in the discussion for battling for the wide reciever position but he did some good for his case. He had 4 receptions for 49 yards. Him and the QB's seemed to be clicking. Behind D-Jack, Burleson, Engram, Warrick, and Hacket this is my Mann for the job.

Mike Green: A very impressive debut or atleast I thought. Green always seemed to be around the ball and made some very nice open field tackles. I trust this guy to be very useful in the defense. He did everything right, only thing is i wish he would have tried to break up that TD catch even if it meant pass interference. makes you forget about a guy called Marquand Manuel.

Ryan Plackemeier: This was the best Seahawk player who took the field last Saturday. Plackemeier had 5 punts for 233 yard with an average of 46.6 yards. He had a long of 56 yards and 3 punts landed within the 20. Gus had great hangtime on all his punts and seemed to be fine holding the FG's. Alan you should be proud of your boy.

These are other players who fit into the category but didn't have enough time to write something about.

Honorable mentions: Hasselbeck, Tapp, Trufant, Peterson, Greene, Warrick, Davis, Burleson, Bend but don't break defense.

The Bad

Kelly Herndon: I know he only played a few snaps and he had a few good tackles but this guy looked lost on Saturday. Seriously there was more than one occasion where I was like what the hell is he doing and think he was thinking thew same thing. This is unacceptable from a veteran. Alba I am notjust picking on your boy but I do want to hear what you thought about this.

D-line: Other than Tapp on the starters and Davis on the backups I didn't like how they played. I know there were a lot of injuries on the line like Wistrom, Tubbs, Bernard but that wasn't too great of a performance. Romo did do a great job of moving around I will give them that but we have to do a better job of rushing the passer and stuffing the run.

Dishonorable mentions: Spencer, Weaver, everyone who isn't expected to make the team.

The Ugly

Penalties: What the hell happened here. Holmgren teams are very disciplined in the rules and thay were passing out penalties left and right on Saturday. They took a 3rd and 24 and made it into a 3rd and 9 which the Cowboys converted all on stupid penalties, and that was the starting defense. They would have never scored that TD if it weren't for penalties. Holmgren needs to hit them hard for these penalties they are unacceptable.

Backup O-line: For a team that has the best o-line our backups dissapointed me. They gave up 5 sacks for 37 yards, and couldn't open up any holes for the run game. Whats up with that. They didn't give Wallace enough time to throw a lot of times. I just didn't like how they played. Whats up with Ashworth he's a guy who has been to 3 superbowls and couldn't hold his ground against 2nd and 3rd stringers. He needs to get it together.

Final words are I just felt that the Cowboys wanted to win that game more than we did. I felt that the starters performed fine except for the penalties. The timing was off but that should become better as the preseason continues. I am not at all worried about anything. I hope you guys enjoyed and encourage you guys to comment and add on.


  1. Who's Kelly Herndon? Never heard of him. I have heard of Ten-yards Herndon. You know that guy who always 10 yards off his man. I'm surprised Herndom finds the stadium every week. We might need to replace TWM with WKB....Who's Kelly Blowing.

  2. Oh yea i realized that Craig Terril started the last game instead of Davis, does that mean that he is the front runner for the 4th DT spot and Davis the 5th. Davis did get injured today so i am guessing that Terril will get even more snaps.

  3. Meez, I agree with everything you said, and wanted to reinforce you closing statement, Dullass Cowgirls gameplan in the preseason, they did last year too. Oh, and write these using word or something, several glaring spelling and capitalization errors, as well as a misfired idiom. Just sayin'... sorry, I'm a dick.

    Bok, I'm jumping on the I Hate Herndon bandwagon with you, he is an ok nickle, good against a slow TE or RB, the clown ought to convert to safety. Or fry cook.