Saturday, August 26, 2006

Citizen K Likes This Award, 8/26/06

The Seahawks lost the crucial preseason matchup in San Diego. This proves beyond any doubt that they are ill fitted for another Super Bowl run, and will likely struggle to win even four games. Was there anything worth liking in this display of offensive non-clickiness?

Read the post to find out.

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  1. LOL, great one, a cornucopia of pop culture subreference, with the usual spattering of historical factoids and obscure quotes. Bravo. You are the Dennis Miller of 12SS. I like Dennis Miller, and liked him on MNF too.

    I too cannot watch preseason football without a lot of channel flipping. You can tell the players are tired, which leads to poor play which in turn leads to injury. It's really only good for the fringe players and for scouting for fantasy football, IMO.

  2. Man that was lonnngggg, good stuff though.

    Weaver is in fact a beast...i dont think people realize how rare stiff arms are. I mean dominating ones that work good. I have played so many people in my short lifetime, and barely ever do I see one. Everyone can say 'oh, im gonna stiff arm someone if i catch it, or run it', but come gametime, instinct takes over, you think too fast and you dont use it. (I luckily, as a receiver, will use it pretty well...granted i dont practically punch you like Weaver does, but a very effective one nonetheless). Its very impressive that Weaver doesn't overuse it, but does use it when the situatuion screams for one. Very disciplined and smart player.

  3. CitK - I know I left you a witty and complimentary comment after reading the piece last night, but apparently Blogger ate it or something.

    By the way, the link at the end of your piece to this comment section was not working.

  4. I know this is its second week back, but boy did i miss it. Did i say that this is my favorite award piece well if i didn't it is. Good job CitK i love reading this.