Friday, August 11, 2006

To go or not to go

I don't pay much attention to the pre-season schedule, and usually figure out who the Seahawks are playing about a day or two before it happens. What can I say? I haven't switched over to "impulsive desire to know all" mode when it comes to the Seahawks.

As you may, or may not know, I'm stuck in Lambs country. And though I've wanted to join the Midwest's chapter of the Seahawkers for awhile (link was down, last I checked. Admittedly, this was a while ago) I'm basically a blue and bright green dot in an ocean of blue and "mentally tough" gold. For the record, no, those mentally tough jokes do not get old.

As I was writing a story about the Saint Louis Rams using blitzes to stop the Colts offense, something created a spark. Colts...offense...colts...prolific offense. I remembered writing those words. But where?

Then I remembered, I wrote a team-by-team smackdown of every team the Seahawks were playing, preseason and regular, in haiku, on the Seahawk Blue message board. Good times were had by all.

The point of all of this, is not for me to get props on my mad haiku writing skills. Seriously, I had a few beers and was entertaining myself. The point is this. The Seahawks are coming to Indianapolis on the 30th. They will be a scant four hours drive from me.

However, as close as it is (sure beats the four hour FLIGHT back home to catch them, which is quite costly) there are a few things that prevent this from being a sure fire invitation to Ticketmaster to charge me forty dollars for a twenty dollar ticket.

1) Its the pre-season. Should I really drive four hours to watch a game that will likely be decided by people whose next pro football stop will be on the Candyland Gingerbread Men of the IFLUSA? (Indoor Football League...USA I'm bad with acronyms)

2) Is it worth the four hour drive to watch the #1 offense and #2 defense for at most a quarter?

3) Is it worth 20 bucks?

And here's the kicker...

4) I've got school the very next day. I go to Southern Illinois University (Go Salukis) a fine institution. Is it worth what would amount to being eight hours of driving for all the things said above.

There are some positives, namely getting to see the Seahawks. And, even if its only for a few plays, I'd like to see Payton Manning in a non-clutch situation. You know, when he's at his best.

But, do those positives outweigh the drawbacks? I don't know, and so I figure I'd ask the Street.

I don't know if the overall consensus will be my overall decision, but who knows. We shall see.

Go Seahawks,


(PS: Next week, the NFC West Update will return. Oh yes, you should be excited. The pyramid is back.)

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  1. SAN DIEGO HAWK8/11/2006 02:11:00 PM

    When is the last time you saw a Hawk game live?

    Just go!

  2. SAN DIEGO HAWK8/11/2006 02:13:00 PM

    When was the last time you saw the Hawks play live?

    JUST GO!

  3. HAN DIEGO SOCK8/11/2006 02:32:00 PM

    When was the first and last time you saw with your own eyes the Seahawks play live football?


  4. pitchin from PDX8/11/2006 03:44:00 PM

    Go you must!

    And bring back the Haiku Smackdown Threads - that was one of my favorite memories of last season's craziness.

  5. I witnessed first hand us beating the Rams last year at the Special Ed Dome. It hasn't been THAT long.

  6. I did witness the Seahawks win over the Rams in Saint Louis last season, so it wasn't THAT long ago.

    In memory of that...

    Rams fumble the punt
    Seahaks finally beat Rams
    I sat in last row.

  7. While we are talking about going to a game, would anyone know where I might get some tickets to the donkey fest @ milehigh in December? Ticketmaster says they are sold out

  8. I don't know for sure, but you might poke around a Bronco message board with that question. Don't reveal your allegiances, and you might find a season ticket holder willing to part ways with a ticket.

    Ebay also works.

  9. Razorgator is another legal scalper that may have tix.

    Alan, I am not sure I'd go, but you should.

  10. Razornator is cheaper than E-bay, w/ more tix to offer. And what I didn't think I would find !! Home game tickets!! Now I can go back home and see the Quest for real,,,, this is too goood!!

  11. Alan - Suck it up and go.

    My son is a Cincy Bengals fan, and for HIM I'm driving 4 hours from Albany to Buffalo so he can see them in a pre-season game this coming Friday.

    Since it *IS* preseason, I suggest you do what I did:

    1) go to (or another favorite ticket site)
    2) buy a ticket as close as possible on the visitor's side
    3) get there wicked early and see if you can get some good pictures and/or autographs

    We have 5th row seats right behind the Bengals bench, and I got suckered into buying a $10 Bengals football (plus $8 shipping & handling!) just so he'd have something to get signed.

    Most season ticket holders are eager to sell the pre-season tickets they're forced to buy, especially if they're on the visitor's side. I got 3 tickets for a little over $100 but it'll be worth it if my boy get's a little face time with Chad Johnson!

    So while you may have been in the last row for one of the most significant games in recent Seahawk history, this is your chance to be in the front row for a game that truly doesn't matter!