Thursday, August 31, 2006

What should our expectations be?

The coffee mug can mean one thing...Caffeinated Sports is talking 'Hawks again.

As the Seahawks prepare for their final pre-season game, bring about a thankful end to the exhibition season, it is time for me to start caring about football.

The pre-season is nothing more than a way for the NFL to rip off its fans by charging full ticket price for a quarter of entertainment. Basically, pre-season is as if The Matrix used its special effects and CGI awesomeness for ten minutes and then did the rest of the movie in the style of South Park. Would you pay full price for that? I wouldn't and don't.

When I last cared about football, the Seahawks had lost the Super Bowl, ending the most magical season in team history. If you have the chance, look back at clips from some of those games. The win over Dallas, Jay Feeley missing three field goals, the two-point conversion stop in San Francisco. I still get chills looking at some of those games.

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What, exactly, should our expectations be?