Monday, August 07, 2006

More Monday Must-Reads: Jennings strains groin

It sounds minimal, but First round pick Kelly Jennings strained his groin today during drills. Then again, maybe it's severe - after all, his groin is probably half his body weight.

In any case, he expects to return to practice tomorrow. The AP has a nifty article on Jennings and the fresh dose if respect he brings to the Miami Hurricanes' amulni.

Other items: Julian Peterson is a friggin' stud, and he says he's back to full speed for the first time since his achilles injury... Mike Sando wants to meet you back at his hotel room... Pork Chop smells old people... Niko Koutouvides ran over one...

In case you missed it: "DE Darryl Tapp sped past LT Walter Jones for a would-be sack and drew cheers from onlookers."

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  1. Did you catch this???

    From the link to Jennings article -

    David Wyman, director of academic services for the Miami athletic department, and someone who works closely with coach Larry Coker, said of Jennings: "He's just one of the greatest young men, one of the greatest ambassadors you could have for a program.

    Dave Wyman, former linebacker for Seattle Seahawks.

  2. Nice catch, Glad, I definitely missed that.

    All I was thinking reading that is "no wonder Ruskell selected him".

    I hope this groin thing is a minor issue, and not a nagging injury that will plague him all season.

  3. Then again, maybe it's severe - after all, his groin is probably half his body weight.

    Why you gotta dog my boy like that. Thats pretty funny though. He's a fighter he'll be back and will get the starting job for the LCB. Watch Saturday as he gets his 1st int.