Friday, August 11, 2006

Seahawks and NFC West preview on Sports Bloggers Live

My role at 12 Seahawks Street is pretty cut-and-dry: I'm the spoiled, out-of-control daughter. I never do any work around the house, I get bad grades, and I'm always hanging out with unsavory characters, coming home after curfew and raiding the fridge. But because I'm pretty and I have lots of friends, and because it would be more trouble than it's worth to make me pull my weight, people let me do my own thing.

Then I go and do something like appear on AOL's webcast/podcast "Sports Bloggers Live," on behalf of 12SS and Kissing Suzy Kolber, and the whole family puts off the intervention for a few weeks.

I got about three or four minutes after SI's Nunyo Demasio, who, as you may recall, was the sole SI "expert" to pick the Redskins over the 'Hawks this past January. You can listen to my stuttering and stammering in podcast form here. Much thanks to AOL's Jamie Mottram & Co for inviting me and helping me move the media spotlight out West for a couple minutes.

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  1. Mad Props to you Captain Caveman...not only a 12SS mention in your introduction, but the entire URL at the conclusion.

    And in between, pretty good analysis!

    His bit starts about 14:30 into the stream.

    It's a MUST LISTEN!!!

  2. Cpt. I think you spelled dudes name wrong, it's Nunyo Dambiness. He's a joke, and almost always picks wrong. He's almost as bad as Uncle Rukus, sorry I mean Jason Whitlock.