Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Alan's Gambling Guide: Week 1

I have decided to forgo the usual rant that I have about pre-season football this year. For the past three pre-seasons, I've harped about how much I hated it. Not this year, we're skipping to my other annual tradition: losing betting money on football games.

Without further ado...Here are the week 1 picks. Lines taken from the Las Vegas Hilton, as posted on
Home team in CAPS.

Seattle (+1) over BUFFALO

This opened up as a pick, so the bookies are having lukewarm feelings about a) the Seahawks headed East and b) Buffalo in general. I'm excited to see what this defense can do. I think they're out to make a statement. I expect some blitzing and a short field for our offense.

Washington (+4) over NY GIANTS

The season opens with what many will call an upset, but isn't really. The Giants didn't win the Super Bowl because of Eli Manning, they won it thanks to their defensive line. Two main cogs of that line are gone, so I'm looking at a nice road win for the Redskins.

NEW ORLEANS (-3) over Tampa Bay

Maybe the extra travel will wear on the Saints, but I doubt it. Also, if Reggie Bush wants to shed his "BUST" label, week 1 would be an ideal place to start.

PHILADELPHIA (-7.5) over St. Louis

The Rams are better because they're healthy, but Bulger is going to have to look hard for weapons on this team. If the Eagles stop Jackson, they can win in a laugher.

NY JETS (+3) over Miami

The Jets debut Favre at quarterback, ensuring this shittastic game will be covered by ESPN better than the Olympics.

NEW ENGLAND (-16) over Kansas City

Nice to see the bookies wasting no time jacking up the spreads for Pats games. Brady may not have been playing the pre-season, but somehow I think they'll manage to hang 40 on a lousy Chief's D.

PITTSBURGH (-6.5) over Houston

Houston's early season schedule is brutal, which will cover up that they're a pretty good team. Sadly, Matt Schaub doesn't get a chance to do much in week 1.

Cincinnati (-1.5) over BALTIMORE

Joe Flacco? The blitz. The blitz? Joe Flacco. You'll get to know one another quite well over the next 17 weeks.

Detroit (-3) over ATLANTA

Time for the Lions to go 1-0 and put the NFC North "on notice". Especially the Bears.

Jacksonville (-3) over TENNESSEE

Lots of home dogs this week, also a lot of conservative lines. Not a lot to say about this game.

Dallas (-5.5) over CLEVELAND

I think that last season's fire power was a fluke for the Browns, and they won't be able to catch up with the sheer ammo that Dallas has. After all, they did bring in Tank Johnson. haHA!

SAN DIEGO (-10) over Carolina

There are some who say the Panthers are improved, I'm taking a wait and see approach.

Arizona (-3) over SAN FRANCISCO

I really like the Cardinals' weapons on offense against what's a mediocre at best defense.

Chicago (+9) over INDIANAPOLIS

The Bears won't win this game, but I think they can keep it close. They're defense is healthy, Peyton is banged up, I think this has all the makings of a close game.

GREEN BAY (-3) over Minnesota

Give the Vikings' defense, I was surprised at this line, but I think Rogers makes a statement and the Packers come out with a great week 1.

Denver (-3) over OAKLAND

Why do the Raiders keep getting MNF spots? Week 1, they're on Monday Night Football. All they've done is spectacularly suck the past few years. Yet, the nation is apparently captivated by Raiders-Broncos. This match-up was intriguing five years ago. Get with the times, ESPN.

Enjoy the games, and happy betting!


  1. I had no freaking idea what that video had to do with this post.

    Good think I had it running in the background as I read through the rest of teh picks.

    Freaking hilarious that.

  2. Yeah, I'd like to thank Viacom for taking down everything from YouTube, making it impossible to just find a clip of Colbert making fun of Bears.

    Also, their screen grab for that video...yeah, didn't expect that.