Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brian Russell, Please Update Your Resume

There is a well-reasoned, albeit slightly coarse and racist movement to expel FS Brian Russell from the squad. Why? He sucks, dammit.

If you’d like to know why the Seahawks have four Pro Bowl starters on defense but still give up 30+ points to the Bills and 49ers, Brian Russell is your answer.

If you’re wondering how J.T. O’Sullivan can get sacked 8 times, but still throw for 321 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions: Brian Russell.

Did you see that Isaac Bruce, who is something like 47 years old, got 153 yards on only 4 catches? There’s a secret ingredient to that formula, and his name is Brian Russell.

It's true. Russell played extememely conservitavely last season (read: within his ability) and at least didn't allow the deep ball. This season he has regressed, and now allows both plays underneath and over his head.

What is equally baffling, even disturbing, is the willingness of OC John Marshall to put him in cover-1 blitz situations where he needs to cover the entire back 40. Predictably, this results in a play where the targeted corner has zero help and Russell is at least 20 yards away from any meaningful assistance on the play.
Oh, well. Thanks for one serviceable year, Mr. Russell. At least you'll always have this beautiful scrap-book moment:

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  1. The people who thought that article were offense were not regular KSK readers, methinks. I thought it was spot on.