Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sando vs. Morgan: It is SO. ON.

I haven't seen cross-blog call-outs like this since, well, NEVAR.

Here's how it went down: Mike Sando of pulls some stats from the last Seahawks-49ers matchup that seems to explain the reason or folly in Mike Nolan's defensive play calling. Why did he keep his defense in the nickel for the whole game? Sando seems to explain.

But sooner than you can say, "I wipe my ding-a-ling with Football Outsiders," John Morgan of Field Gulls provides a stunning stat-laden retort, even using high falootin' terms like "misleading," "specious," and "statistical gerrymandering."

Sando's response? "Thanks much to John Morgan of Field Gulls for engaging my earlier analysis on how the Seattle offense functioned against a 49ers defense that left five defensive backs on the field even when Seattle played with fewer than three receivers... John wondered why I would isolate only first-half plays, suggesting I might have done that to enhance my argument. The reason I didn't look at the second half was because I ran out of time the other night and figured 31 plays would give us a pretty good idea."

He then proceeds to innundate my pea-sized brain with a collection of facts and analysis that not even Peter King could understand.

HA. What next? I bet John Morgan is duct-taping roofing nails to propane tanks as I type. Sando is probably recalling his mental stategies from middle school that made him a level 34 wizard at Dungeons and Dragons.

Dorks. Either way, when nerds fight, we win.


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