Monday, September 22, 2008

Torry Holt Does Full Metal Jacket

It's really strange how I feel today. While I'm elated about the win and the subsequent reboot of the Seahawks' season, I actually feel sort of sorry for the Rams. It's a lingering, sick feeling, sort of like I just stole lunch money from orphans.

I think what capped it was this look I saw on Torry Holt's face in the 4th quarter:

It wasn't constipation. It's wasn't exhaustion. It was the look of someone who was once valued and special, spent the last few weeks fighting and fighting, only to lose all faith, hope and purpose.

Maybe Torry Holt just lacks mental toughness. Douchebag.

[If you don't get the Full Metal Jacket reference, check it out here.]


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