Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I realize too late this wasn't going anywhere

Back in the day, when this site had to go uphill both ways in the snow just to retrieve data and Seahawks humor, we adopted Seahawks. (We also gave out awards ad those may come back, but really, the only award winner from Sunday was Holmgren's heart for not exploding). After our Super Bowl season we drafted a punter out of Wake Forest. His name...Ryan Plackemeier. And I thought, "wouldn't it be fun to chronicle the growth of a punter?"

It was. Plack had his good times. He had some bad times. Then he had some worse times. And then he got that good well card from the city of New Orleans because things kinda went to shit. But through it all, he was Gus the Mule and I figured he would snap out of it.

Sunday came, the start of a new year...the chance for renewal. And then...well...this was like Gus getting in a White Ford Bronco and just losing it all. He played awful. Two 22-yard punts? I can do that. Let me go to the high school football field, warm up, and I CAN DO THAT.

During games, I had defended Plack in the past. No more. He had plenty of time to get his act together. We couldn't do this anymore. The Seahawks cut Gus the Mule today. And, though he was my Adopted Seahawk, and though I nearly purchased a #1 jersey when blitzed out of my mind one night, I have to say...thank you, Jesus.

A part of me hopes that he lands on his feet somewhere and can continue punting. Another part of me hopes that place is St. Louis and the Rams somehow get worse. Either way, I'm glad he's not here anymore.

And maybe the new guy can aid in field position...a bit better. Th bar has been set astonishingly low.


  1. I could punt 22 yards with my cock.

    It can also tackle, but that's not as important as a punter.