Monday, July 09, 2007

Because They Said So: Back to Work!

Because They Said So is a regular round up of Seahawks news from other sources. We gave it this name because we bloggers have no media credentials and we have to take these people's damn word for it.

  • Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe covers the Seahawks' offseason. Nice artice, suprisingly accurate and insightful for an East coast fish wrap. Among the good things were some quotes from Matt Hasselbeck I haven't seen anywhere else, regarding how he expects Deion Branch's receptions to go way up this season:
    "You'd watch one of our practices and it was almost unfair, Darrell Jackson was catching almost every ball," Hasselbeck said. "It's how the [West Coast] system was designed and you look back at those who played there in Green Bay and San Francisco: Robert Brooks, Sterling Sharpe, Antonio Freeman, Jerry Rice. I think there are certain plays Mike Holmgren likes to call because it reminds him of good plays when he was coaching in Green Bay and San Francisco. He loves to say, 'Z-in.' He doesn't love to say 'X-in' as much."

    Nice. Can you say "sleeper fantasy pick?"

  • DJ Hackett may play the field after this season. According to via Field Gulls, Hackett's agent told Sirius Radio he will likely "play out the season and entertain offers from other teams when free agency begins next March (though he sees the Seahawks as a viable future choice)." Sounds like a smart move. This is most likely to be a breakout season for Hackett, and he couldn't ask for better timing. I just hope he can get by in the meantime on his meager $1.3 million RFA salary.

That's all for now. I gotta get back to work(ing out some baby batter after seeing that Amy Miller picture one too many times.)

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