Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is The Clock Ticking On David Greene?

Since the departure of Mike Sando, there has been a thirst for facts regarding the Seahawks' most recent move, the signing of QB Erik Meyer. Thankfully, the TNT delivered their commitment to Seahawks coverage by assigning long time beat writer Dave Boling to the task.

What is revealed is that the clock may be ticking on the third string QB, David Greene:
Here’s what I see from the sidelines in practices: Greene is not a consistently precise passer. Even if it’s little tosses to flaring backs, the ball is sometimes delivered in a spot where the back has to break stride to make the catch. One of the most impressive things about watching Matt Hasselbeck practice is his focus on delivering every pass … even in warm-ups and drills … to a place where it’s easy to catch. Greene doesn’t always show that degree of focus.

Greene might have been a gamer in college, but having invested a third-round pick in him in 2005, Holmgren and company may have him on the bubble.


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