Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nice Going, NFL.com

Don't get me wrong, I'm usually geeked everytime I see a Seahawk player prominently profiled on a national web site, but the timing and headline for this feature on Shaun Alexander are just irresponsible.

For the NFL to put a picture of one of the true "good guys" of the league, under the heading "Repeat Offenders" on the day that Michael Vick is indicted on dog fighting charges is a joke.

Millions of casual sports fans will be clicking on NFL.com for news on Vick, and will be served up this misleading image and headline, which sets an instantaneous connotation in the visitor's brain, most of whom won't bother to click through to get the full story or understand the tongue-in-cheek nature of the headline.

I understand this story was probably written and published well before the Vick news broke, but given the inflamatory nature of the events surrounding the indictment, they should take this story down or change the misleading headline.

Oh yea, and the refs screwed the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL too!


  1. Well, the ass rapings we give the Rams twice a year are probably illegal.

  2. Wow, not only an irresponsible headline, but then the article behind is was a crappy Pat Kirwan speculative stat analysis. I'm actually stupider for having read it, and that is sayin' somethin'!