Tuesday, July 03, 2007

If I were Paul Tagliabue I'd Be Pissed!

Well into the tenure of newly appointed Football Czar, Roger Goodell, I'm starting to wonder what kind of relationship he had with his former boss.

Because if I were Paul Tagliabue, I'd be pissed.

First, Richie Cunningham with his new and tougher personal conduct policy, has shown a very bright light on the criminal and antisocial behavior that apparently was going unnoticed, or at least undeterred, under the Tagliabue administration.

Then, with his wing-tipped encased left foot, Goodell stamped out the World League of American Football NFL Europe That German League NFL Europa, the unsuccessful manifest-destiny brain-child of his bispeckled predecessor.

And for his grand finale, to add insult to injury, he pulls off a feat that neither Tagliabue nor the Son of God himself, Pete Rozelle could accomplish, which was to win a judgement against Al Davis and the The Evil Empire.

While every out-going leader says the right things publicly, I'll bet that deep down they secretly hope their successor struggles a little bit, or at least doesn't make them look like a total ass-hat in their first year in the corner office.

If I were Paul Tagliabue, I'd be pissed!

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