Thursday, July 05, 2007

Because They Said So: Merrill Hodge Brain Damage!

Because They Said So is a regular round up of Seahawks news from other sources. We gave it this name because we bloggers have no media credentials and we have to take these people's damn word for it.

  • Seahawks blogger Dan Lucero of MVN takes a great ride on Merrill Hodge's ignorance about the Seahawks' secondary.
  • From the 'Worth a Chuckle' department: A Broncos blogger ranks Jay Cutler over Matt Hasselbeck. Heck, that may even be worth a giggle.
  • Surprise, surprise--According to the USA today, Shaun Alexander was the ninth highest-paid player in the NFL last season at $15,125,000. If that surprises you, then consider how he was topped by Vikings LG Steve Hutchinson, who was ranked at #4, and paid a cool $16,588,080.
  • Deep in the bowels of the Seahawks' depth chart is the 4th or 5th string RT Kyle Williams. He's a longshot to even make the practice squad, but there is a nice feature about him on He seems to be a hard worker who makes the most of his opportunities.

Oh, and meet my fantasy librarian Nikki Cox. I'd like to look something up in her Dewey Decimal system!


  1. I'd like to see a list of things that make Hodge happy. It's hard to tell if he likes football.

  2. I'd like to see a list of things that convince Nikki Cox to let that shirt slide all the way off.

    How am I supposed to read your witty insight Bloof if you keep taunting us with boobs?

  3. There's "witty insight" here??!!

    I just come for the boobs!

  4. I happen to think Merrill Hodge's criticism is legit. Did you see how many times Ken Hamlin was out of position last year, letting big plays develop right in front of him? He needs to work on that.

    And Chad Brown also needs to sack the QB more often to make an impact on defense. Also, Rick Mirer threw waaay too many interceptions for the Seahawks. If they want to make it to the Super Bowl, that needs to be corrected ASAP.

  5. Why don't the 'hawks just put Kreig back in? Steve Largent looks slow these days.