Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yeah, The 49ers Had a Crappy 80's Video, Too

I feel much better now. Thanks to this video and a delightful romp in the sack with a very hetero wife, I nearly have the gay taste out of my mouth from that last post.

The the self-proclaimed "Team of the 80's" can look this queer, even with several Hall of Fame players frolicking about, I don't feel so bad about the Blue Wave of '85.

I have to give them credit, though. They didn't try to sing, they just rapped (kind of.) But all the horrible elements are there.
  • Cheesy graphics
  • Players pretending to blow horns
  • Someone pretending to insert something into his orifice
  • Someone takes their shirt off for the camera
  • Demonstration of a tongue trick
  • Someone dancing like a retard (take your pick, but Jerry Rice does it best.)
  • Group booty shaking
  • Poorly synchronized choregraphy
  • Lots of other gay stuff, too many to mention.

Sorry, 49er fans. I had to do it.

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