Monday, July 02, 2007

Sadly, I Have To Agree: The Seahawks of the 1985 Were, Um, Sometimes Unmanly.

I really don't know how to preface this, but part of me wants to die.

Mike Tice has his shirt off. He dances like a paraplegic. Steve Largent is actually clipped--I call it sacrilege. And a steamy shower scene ends in a man blowing on a brass something something.

So, enjoy the video while I put a gun in my mouth.

FYI: This is year Seattle followed two consecutive playoff seasons with an undewhelming 8-8 record. Blleeyyyaaach.

(Found on Kissing Suzy Kolber via Enjoy the Enjoyment via With Leather)


  1. What year was it that The Boz wore an afro? And he seemed to be really tanned too!

  2. Wow. I love it. I need to find some old Patriots stuff. I'll find something and post it soon.