Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I Learned From... Playoff practice today.

OK, I know this edition is late... But there is a couple things I need to get off my chest:

1. Did you see those kicks Josh Brown sent into the end zone? Kickoff distance used to be his heak point. He has changed that. His weak point now: His contract. He becomes a free agent next season, and he's an elite kicker. SIGN HIM NOW.

2. Jerramy Stevens CAN catch the ball... How about that?

3. The offense's ability to sustain drives continues to be the difference betwween winning and losing.

4. Womack is a giant, gelatinous blob. He doesn't block too well when he's pulling to the outside, but he has terrific helmet-to-helmet.

5. What's this? Alexander ran successfully moast of the game TO THE RIGHT SIDE? Holy crap, I was right -- Chris Gray couldn't move a pile with a U-Haul.

6. Some moron writers are blaming Holmgren for not resting his players, and thusly for the injuries to the DB's - but the reality is, they would have played anyway, with Trufant out.

7. Hasselbeck was the King of Pocket Poise Sunday. He made great decisions with the ball in spite of pressure. He also slipped out of the grab of defenders lika a bar of prison soap.

8. Nate Bureslon is one cool cat. In the 3rd quarter, he calmly stood on the field waiting for the punt. Not just stood there, but he was flat-footed and standing there like he was waiting in line for government cheese. Then, lo and behold, he juked tha pants off five defenders in front of him for an improbable gain. This dude has some serious talent.

9. DJ Hackett has a bright future. He's a RFA next season. TIm Ruskell, you know what to do.

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  1. hey, i read this website from time to time (ive been a hawk fan since the early 80's) and i dont mean to distract attention from your post but i really just wanted to comment on darrent williams and how easily that could have been hamlin a year ago. If he (or any other player for that matter) didnt second guess going to the club after a game after that incident then he (and other players) really should now. I just read something that talks about how nothing good can come from players going to the club late into the night. I just wanted to vent that out and my condolences go out to the williams family.

  2. Sign Brown now please do so I don't wanna end up with a mediocre kicker. Sign Hackett too (been hearing stupid little rumors that my favorite player D-Jack might be released after the season I will be pissed off as hell he is a top 10 reciever and better than everyone who we got).

    Can't blame Holmgren for playinhg them what happened was kind of inevitable. Herndon got hurt in the 1st quarter and Jimmy Williams was gonna be in the game if the starters sat.

    To be honest with you I think Babineaux and Jennings will be fine. KJ has shown to be good in coverage so far and if Babs doesn't slip he did an alright job when Dyson and Herndon were injured last year. Just wprried bout the 3 & 4 wide reciever sets.

    Overall we did a good job offense played well defense did good except for a couple of big plays in the first half. The defense plays a lot better when they have a big lead so Seahawks offense get these guys a lead.

    Nate might be the X factor in the playoffs can anyone say Special Teams Touchdown.

  3. Off topic but anyword on if D-Jack will be available against the Cowboys.

  4. I think our "surprise" contributors will be Nate and DJ Hackett. I think our other offensive weapons will have good games, but Dallas will be looking to blanket them - double teaming Branch and Engram, loading the box to stop Shaun, rushing to hit Matt (we're going to see a lot of blitzes I think).

    But I think we'll survive all that, and the winning score(s) will come from Hackett and/or Nate. Either one or both of them will change the outcome of the game.

  5. RIP Darrent Williams, one of my favorite younger non-Seahawk players out there. I really dont like that whole situation.

    DJack did not practice today, and Hawks release the injury report tomorrow (Wednesday).

    The Cowboys have been out of rhythym on defense since the loss of Greg Ellis, who seemed to be the leader, despite not being the overall best.

    Seahawks should win this, but you cant be confident after how the season went. We've been virtually unlucky, screwed, and injured in every single game this year. I will lose all confidence in next year if we lose this. Seriously...this is a must win...and a BETTER WIN.