Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Have you seen my team?

I’m facing a crisis of conscious. While watching games this season, when the Seahawks won I was happy, when they lost I was sad, but it’s not the same as it has been in the past. I don’t have the passion. I don’t even really yell at the TV on good or bad plays. After thinking about it over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided that this is not the team I root for. This team has been consistently good, sometimes great, for the last 4 years. This is not my team. My team is a team of great guys with good talent, with maybe one or two having exceptional talent. My team consistently botches the draft, be it Tony Dorsett, the Boz, or just about every QB they ever drafted. My team surrenders 36 yards in the final minute when the opposition needs 35 to get into field goal range. My team drops a low pass in the endzone in the final seconds of playoff games. One time my team went 8-8, alternating 2 game win streaks with 2 game losing streaks for a whole season. It was one whole season, defined by unrelenting consistent mediocrity. My team throws pick sixes in OT. My team starts out 2-6, all but guaranteeing a great draft pick, only to win 6-2 to fall once again 8-8. My team never gets calls, and has several of the most famous officiating blunders in the history of the NFL go against them.

I’m not sure how I feel about cheering for a team that is consistently good. It’s foreign to me. When the team flashed it gave you hope, and when they inevitably faltered it let you know your fandom was real. Now I feel like a frontrunner, a bandwagon jumper. I feel like a damn Cowboy fan! And I don’t know what to do about it. Root for Cleveland? Detroit? Arizona? Find a CFL or Arena league team? Nah, I can’t do it. I guess I’ll just stick with this team until they revert back to my lovable losers. At least this team and my team know that desperate measures call for desperate times.

And even though these guys aren’t my team, geaux C-Hox, whoever you guys are.

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  1. WOW .... for a guy who doesn't post much, this is ACES!

    I know it's somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I gotta be honest, I've felt exactly the same way.

    Great Job COBAG...glad to see you graduate from the kiddie pool known as Flooble!

  2. WOW JoSCh posts.

    Now shut up I like winning I have the Mariners, and Sonics to make me feel like a loser.

  3. Its J-BAG, alba.

    I cant really say I feel the same way. I do wonder sometimes what winning the Super Bowl would mean. Im a guy that freaks out about the unknown that is the future, the uneasiness if you will. Im sure after we win the Super Bowl this year, ill be saying 'then what?'...

    Does it all become about money? What else is there to do? Dynasty? Does it really matter after we won it? We're all going to die anyway...so why do we need our name in the history books?

    Save for the last line which was a joke, thats pretty the feeling. I do want a championship though.

    Last night I got a Chompionship :D

  4. Professore Lacroix1/09/2007 11:02:00 PM

    Josch uttereth:
    "geaux C-Hox"

    Your usage of High French is impressive, my kind monseigneur. Your intelligence quotient must push 170, perhaps 190. Would you be interested in a full-ride scholarship to Beaux Arts Universitie, Paris? Naturally this would entail an automatic captainship on the French Team, but with such utterly brilliant employment of the "langue de Francais" there is no doubt you would be an ideal representative for the school in international competition.

    I hope you consider accepting our offer.I am emailing you vouchers for three first class tickets aboard the Concorde (yes they're officially "retired," but the Universitie has had its own plane since 1959), nonstop from South Carolina to Paris. For entry into our country it will be required for you to prove Muslim-friendly/democracy-hating status, but we are sure you will pass muster.

    -Prof. L

  5. I agree with meezy, except my loser basketball team is the Fail Blazers, not the Sonics.

  6. Matt looks a little like Calvin in that photo, with the way he's yelling. Now he just needs a Hobbes.

  7. I really hope that this 'C-Hox' nonsense is just a fad, it's very - for lack of a better term - gay. I have to agree w/ Meezy on the fact that yeah My Sonics, Mariners, and Husky football all suck right now so it's nice to have a couple breaths of fresh air like the SEAHAWKS and Husky Basketball, but I remain in disagreement on Marcus Falsefant.

  8. Yeah, but the C-Hox thing tied in well with the theme of my post. And I'd guess it's a product of the internet. U R 2 ghey. Pwned.

    Prof, I appreciate it, but I'm from SC, that weren't French, it wuz cajun. Like Delhomme.

  9. JoSCh -

    completely off topic from your post. Any thoughts on players from the SC who might look good in Seahawk Blue? IIRC, you're down on the coast so I don't know how much Tiger and/or Gamecock football you saw this season.

    DE - Gaines Adams, Clemson: all around stud, probably a top 15 pick if he performs well at the combine. Unless he fails a drug test--and I understand this kid is a total choir boy, seriously--we'd have to trade up to get him.

    CB - Fred Bennett, SC: he has prototype size, and SC has produced some solid-to-pretty good DB's the past few years (e.g., Jonathan Joseph, Bengals; Ko Simpson, Bills; Dunta Robinson, Texans; Sheldon Brown, Eagles). If he runs well, forget about it. If he's a tad disappointing he could be available in the 2nd round, and seems tailor-made, with his size, to play in a zone-heavy secondary.

    WR - Sydney Rice, SC: this kid is bigger than former 1st rounder Troy Williamson, not quite as fast, but a far superior route runner. Seattle's is kinda set at WR but with age and injuries you are never, ever set at a position.

    S (and "Slash") - Syvelle Newton, SC: he's played QB, WR, and most recently safety. Guys who have tried to make that switch have not had the best luck recently. (Hell, Boulware is probably the most successful example. Remember Scott Frost and Eric Crouch? Yeah, me neither.)

    DT - Stanley Doughty, SC: He's been in and out of Spurrier's doghouse and was finally kicked off the team. When Spurrier's involved there's every reason to believe that the player is the one being the grownup in the conflict. As a day 2 pick this guy would be a steal--bona fide run-stuffer with a little pass rush in him.

  10. I don't watch college football, Billy Joe Hobert ruined my rooting interest. Although during rivalry week I root for USC, but only for the Cock jokes.

  11. Ahhh, winter is in the air, a blanket of snow is cast upon the lands and the Hawks have an Angel protecting their unspoken destiny... Life is good.

    During the last season my mind was all fuzzy. The twists and turns of fate made this team look, perhaps, stronger than it may have been, winning all those games. Ya gotta admit, they were all doozies. When the Super Bowl came around, my fanship was in quite the uphoric state. During the whole week leading up to the show, I kept expecting the NFL commision to call and tell us that there had been a mistake and Seattle wouldn't be playing in the bowl.

    As you all know, the B squad showed up and the rest is history. Knowing that we were robbed even in the Super Bowl didn't matter because I knew this team was not the team that showed up that day and this season was destined to be better. A highly new touted defense, an unstopable offense meant we should fair no worse than 16-0. No my freinds, we were going to beat everybody and become the first team in the NFL to go undefeated in the 16 game regime.

    We were taught first hand how many things have to go right just to get to the show, let alone win it. What we found was that we are indeed fragile. This new road we are on has shown perserverance thru sheer will, fighting tooth and nail for every yard gained. Wins were precious and few. Somehow we managed to advance thru the smallest of margins and miracle interventions. It is, to say the least, educational.

    JoSCh, I have a suggestion for your problem of footbal inadaquacy... Hit a sports pub, specially one that I'm at. You'll be a hollering again, trust me.

  12. I'm 27 years old, which means I has a whopping 2 months old when the Sonics won the NBA Championship.

    I have plenty of memories of local teams putting all the pieces together, making a run at greatness, and falling just short. The M's in 1995, the Sonics in 1996, and the Seahawks last year. My favorite sports memory is still the Game 5 against the Yanks, mainly because (a.) It was amazing, being a teenager, going through the first playoff push in a town that had no baseball success before, and (b.) all the nonsense that happened in the Super Bowl has tainted my appreciation of last season with the Seahawks. I'm a little ashamed to say that, but it's true. What all this means is that I have a lifetime of sports fandom of either rooting for teams that were total embarassments, or teams that just fell short. I am ready to move on from `lovable losers' to Champions.

    Unfortunately, I'll be watching the game this Sunday, with a deep longing in my heart that this team wins, and does the near-impossible and win it all. I know this is very, VERY unlikely, and that going this far -- with all that has happened to this squad this year -- will be sufficient. Ugh. I want more than sufficient. I'm getting greedy, in my "advanced" age. Sorry, I can't see eye to eye on you with this, JoSCh. I got my eyes firmly on the ring, no matter how much emotional indigestion that will cause.

    And since I am of cajun decent, let me just add.....

    GEAUX C-HOX!!!!!!

  13. I'm getting greedy too...I WANT IT ALL TOO DAMN IT!! I've waited too many damned years being like old faithful. I want my cake and ice cream.

    We Have To WIn It All!!!

    GEAUX C-HOX!!!!!!