Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Are We Back ?

In the first two possessions of the Seahawk game, Seattle pounded out 10 points in the first quarter taking full command of the running game a-la Alexander hitting holes, driving hard and pounding himself in for his 28th TD of the season… *pop*
Oh sorry… Dreams of last season.
Back-up corner, Kelly Herndon, left the game with a broken ankle that left Jimmy Williams playing at reserve corner exposing the already depleted Seahawk secondary. Marcus Trufaunt, winged last week against the Chargers, was taken out as the only true cornerback. Tampa took full advantage of the weakened secondary utilizing Joey Galloway in a flurry of long, accurate passes ending in a td score for Tampa. Seahawks begin their next convincing driving down field and while Shaun appeared to have been stuffed for a minimal gain, Fox network then goes to the Lions highlights as Shaun fumbled the ball. When we re-tuned into the game it was Holmgren throwing the Flag contesting the fumble that stood.

The Buccaneers, then show Seattle’s run defense weakness’, driving Mike Alsott down field closing the drive with Tim Rattay completing the pass… to Micheal Boulware… who layed the wood to the Tampa receiver… then running the stolen rock to the 37 yard line… only to have Matt and company manage a 3 and out. DJ Hackett is fast becoming a threat to be a premier NFL reciever showing us, once again, that he just may become the number one wide out on this team. Hack undeniably scores a beautiful, 40 yard, TD pass that was yanked away by the Zebra’s. Then, on 3rd and 19, DJ Hackett slaps a first down pass play in the slot, redeeming himself, telling the stripes that he would not be denied. DJ scored a second TD that could not be denied even if John Godi was holding a gun to the officials head in the replay booth calling the shots forcing a second replay of the ensuing TD closing the half.
Damn, Sir Alexander looked pretty damned good. At this point in the juncture, I’m thinking DJ Hackett for the MaxVP award due to his stellar performance in the first half.

The Seahawks turned a stalled drive, opening the second half, with a fake pooch punt by the “Ice Man” leaving Tampa pinned back at the 8 yard line. Tampa coughs up the Pig leaving Seattle with a first and goal at the Tampa seven, only landing the field goal.
The Seahawk defense staggering in the first half opened up with a crucial third down sack executed by “Freak” Peterson for his career high 10th sack of the season.
Seattle following possession shows a tirade of Shaun, Deion and with Lil’ ole Mo Morris finally looking like he can be a viable part of this offense. Two hard fought thirds downs into the drive, Jeremy Stevens provides solid tight end play taking Seattle deep into Tampa Territory driving Sir Shaun down to the 6 with 8 minutes being removed by the long drive. The Ref’s had the blinders on once again with Matt being leveled out of bounds end not one of the striped “bastages” could find their flags.
Godi must still be in the replay booth. Jimmy Williams, the third corner, then goes down with a knee injury leaving Jordan Babinaux as the back-up corner. Don’t ask me how but the Hawks manage to hold the game together in a convincing 23-7 win, over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Overall the Seattle Offense looked strong entering their third consecutive NFC Title with a record of 9-7 on the season.

OK, boy’s, Here we sit barely atop the NFC west virtually backing into the playoffs. I’m just the messenger, don’t hate me for saying it. I didn’t wanna be the guy to do it, trust me.

The report card on the offense looks, to say the least, very promising entering the first round of the playoffs.
It’s the defense that I’m worried about. The secondary is riddled to a level that we haven’t seen since the Super bowl. So the front line had better get serious pressure on the Cowboys offensive front. If Seattle doesn’t get to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys next week and run stuff, we stand nary a chance of advancing past the next round. Plainly put, blitz the shit out of’m and play some elaborate zone’s because we just wont be able to match up man to man.

Even with the depletion and the Zebra interference, Seattle’s D managed to Hold the Buc’s to 7 points. The Seahawks clearly showed me today that they had heart. Miles, and miles of heart.

While Shaun put up healthy argument for the MaxVP award, DJ Hackett put up even more indisputable evidence to receive the coveted prize, but, I am left with no other realistic choice but to present the Seahawks, as a team, with the award of excellence. They pulled together and would not be denied. When looking at this team as a whole, The offensive line played exceptional, Matt, Mo, Shaun, Hack and Bobby. The Freak, Rocky, and the defense as a whole everybody just stepped up today and played Seahawk football. Great finish to the season.

We do have one decided advantage in the up coming Dallas game. Player number twelve will be on the field louder than the rookie, Toni Romo, has ever experienced in his tender young career.

Can You Hear Us Now?

Bring on the Playoffs…

MaxHawk, 12 street writer.

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  1. Man, this sucks I can't believe the Hawks just signed Jason Sehorn, to play corner. He sucks. Some dude named Turner too, I think. I hope these cats don't play a down how is bringing in complete scrubs who didn't even play for anyone last year gonna help the Hawks out? Just retarded.

  2. They did NOT just sign Sehorn.


  3. Jason Sehorn?
    Didn't he retire like ten years ago?

  4. Jason Sehorn, John Howell. What's the difference?

  5. Well, Howell's at least been on the team before. And he's not overrated.

  6. BTW, I thought Marilyn Manson's breasts were kinda weird looking, but that fellow in the pink shirt (Luis from Sesame Street) has got some great-looking implants.