Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Musical Tribute to the 2006 Seahawks

Last season it was Joe Tafoya's Greatest Christmas Hits, so you knew I just had to do something to honor the less attrative and more scrappy 2006 version of the Seahawks.

Click the picture of Santa to the left for a Musical Tribute to the 2006 Seattle Seahawks.

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  1. Alba, you scare me.....LOL

  2. Great stuff, Alba. I only have one complaint: nothing about sweeping the Lambs.

  3. 2 was originally "2 Ram Game Wins" but it just didn't flow off the tongue

    5 Was supposed to be FIVE DIVISIONAL WINS but then the 49ers and Cardinals went and mucked that up on me.

  4. 2 Ram beatings?

    I dunno, but that picture of Santa has scared me from the site...I quickly posted on the floobe and ran away!

    What kind of person poses like that?

    Its like im going so far away from insanity that im circling back into it. Up is up. Down is down. But everything in between has been twisted and contorted into a neverending loss of sanity. You know I like being average.

  5. As a semiprofessional vocalist, all I can say is...

    Very nice, Albany. You are the man!

    As a nod to ADP's well-publicized views on the subject, I'd like to say that if the song went up that far, another good line would be "twenty blown calls."