Sunday, January 14, 2007

NFC Divisional Playoff Game: Bears 27, Seahawks 24 - Better Than the "Experts" Expected

How about the Seahawks' defense in the second half! They only gave up 3 points despite a couple of offensive mistakes giving the Bears great field position twice. However, they couldn't keep it up in overtime, letting the Bears get into field goal range.

I'm not going to put all of the blame on the defense, however. The entire team just ran out of gas in OT (well, except for Shaun Alexander). The offense started OT with decent field position, went eighteen yards, then ground to a halt. The protection for Plack's punt broke down, forcing a bad punt, which gave the Bears decent field position instead of pinning them deep in their own territory. Then the 'Hawks D gave up a 30 yard pass play on 3rd and 10 to put the Bears in FG range.

Well, the good Rex Grossman showed up today. Of course, it seemed like as soon the Seahawks vs. Bears matchup was set, everyone was debating about if the Seahawks can pull off another miracle whether or not Rextasy would play really well or really bad.

When you get right down to it, you have give the 'Hawks credit for three things:
1. They gave the Bears all that they could handle (and the 'Ain'ts another reason to believe they'll win next week).
2. They didn't fold and pack it in when hit with injuries o'plenty.
3. They took the "Super Bowl Loser's Curse" and sent it to Pittsburgh. (OK, anything SBXL related is officially dead.)

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  1. One of the most complete games played by the Hawks this year!! Be proud and heal up for next year.

  2. We could have won but didn't I'm proud of my team.

  3. I'M DAM'N PROUD OF OUR TEAM, but DB and other injuries finally did catch up to us. The coaching staff did a wonderful job and it was ours for the taking, Chicago should feel very fortunate that Hass and the offense could not get "JB Money" into FG range on any of the final three posessions (2 in Reg, one in OT).

    We can nit-pick all the missed opportunities, drops (d-jack), hass int, failure to convert short yardage, play calling, etc......bottom line it was a great game and ended a character building year. Gongrats and good Luck Bears, you'll need it against the Saints.

    4 straight years in the playoffs, 3 NFC West Crowns, a SB appearance and an OT thriller. Anyone want to trade that in for the Behring years, I THINK NOT!! Were living the dream here folks!! We have the front office, coaching and cap room to continue to be in the mix.

    Lets get healthy, put the front office to work and make the run to XLll in Arizona.

  4. I am very proud of this team. For the first time ever, Seattle lost in the playoffs (before the SB), and I didn't feel like they underachieved. This was a good team that was destroyed by injuries. They will be back in the mix next season.

  5. The Hawks demonstrated the Ruskell phylosophy.

    "Character First"

    And it shown through in all aspects of the game, gutsy, resilient, dedicated, heroic. All the things I LOVE about the Seahawks.

    They're the "Goodguys", the team you like to cheer for, the eternal "underdog", the perrenial "Weakling" getting sand kicked in their faces.

    Perhaps all carrying a chip on their shoulders left over form the Old Kingdome. Time to put those chips on the top shelf of your lockers and remember this season every day as you get ready toi work out or practice. Rmember the "Almosts" and "What ifs".

    The feeling after the losses to the Cards And Niners(twice).

    All these things remembered from the '06 season are aberrations, flukes, jinxs, curses. Whatever you wanna call it. That was not "our" Hawks, the Hawks that went to the Super Bowl only one season ago. The "Real Hawks" will again soar in '07, with Shaun and Matt riding high in the addle, ready to remind everyone why took the Hawks to the Super Bowl in '05.

    GO HAWKS!!!

    My favorite underdogs

    HAWKS IN '07 Vinny's out!

  6. I just wanted to point out that Vinnie thinks that Shaun will ride high in the (s)addle with Matt. Trading the haterade for kool-aide Vincent? Nice.

  7. i agree .. some beef on both lines we are back in the super bowl .

  8. Yup, Shaun's a changed man. He's added "Hard-nosed" to his repetoir.

    GO HAWKS IN '07!!