Friday, January 12, 2007

Seahawk Videos

Over at the Blue, 222 discovered a bunch of Seahawk videos through their website.

First, I would click this to make it easier on yourself:


Should say Page Not Found. Keep this window open and replace the '17' near the end with a random number, over 100 at least. Make sure you keep the 'asx' on the end of it...Different videos should pop up in Real Player depending on whichever number you picked...for example:

717 - SeaGal of the week - Kimberly

317 - Make A Wish Kid - Austin

217 - Floyd And Floyd on Food

417 - Hawk Talk Itula Mili

517 - Hanging With The Hawks

617 - Video Games

917 - 2004 TV Campaign Mike Holmgren

1137 - Turf Talk Shaun Alexander 2004

316 - Floyd and Floyd at Morton's

777 - Laundry

Thats what I have found thus far. Theres a billion of them apparently over the last several years that the site has put up at some point. Pretty cool to see.

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