Thursday, January 18, 2007

At least we don't have to go to the Thunderdome!

At this point in the season, unless you're a fan of one of the Final Four teams left in the playoffs, all you can do is turn your focus to next year. And looking at the schedule of opponents for next season, it seems very likely that the Seahawks may have a better record on the Road than at Home.

Of course, it is very difficult to predict these things a full 8 months prior to the start of the season, as we still need to get through the April draft, off season acquisitions and losses, and see what types of injuries may occur during training camps and pre-season, but based on the 2006 season standings, the teams they'll be hosting appear a lot stronger than the ones they'll be visiting.

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  1. Nice work bro., though I'm surprised you didn't add the Bears game to the list of "feature games" in '07.

    I'm so stoked they scheduled the Hawks to play both teams that they should have beaten in the previous two seasons.

    A perfect set-up IMO for a fairy-tale ending. Super Bowl "victors" next season.

    My two official predictions, Branch moves to #1 Reciever and Hawks return to former glory and get to (and win) the Super Bowl.

    I'm packaging '07 kool-aid as we speak. 8)


  3. As much as I would like to see Branch at number 1, Vin, I don't see it happening unless Jackson gets injured. DJack had a remarkable, redemtion season as far as I'm concerned and will likely be the number 1 slot. I am also skeptical about Bobby's thyroid problem causing him to take naps on the 50 yard line at halftime leaving Branch, due to his size and skill, in the 3 slot. He will be our possesion guy and Hack will more than likely move to the number 2 with his speed and deep threat. After his coming out party agaisnt Dallas he may just challenge the number 1 slot.

  4. I think we use all three in all different positions.put DJ in the slot sometimes. try getting them all different looks. I don't know if we will sign Hackett back. rather have the Hammer .

    Oh ya ,I heard we are on the verge of signing Mora Jr as a
    ass HC and defensive backs coach.

  5. Branch was an excellent pickup. A number 3 receiver for a first round pick.

  6. see you next year1/21/2007 07:50:00 AM

    Nez Brothers say it best: “Seattle crybabies, we’ll see you next year” Fourth best team in the AFC West or AFC North.

    Lombardi Envy.

    Seattle’s best performance ever? Holmgrem deflecting his team’s inadequacy, appealing to the whining nature of a city that finds a way to rationalize every loss (Suns, Suns, Suns, Suns, Steelers, UConn, Bears)

    Suns rise and the east and rule in the west!

  7. The Management1/21/2007 09:50:00 PM


    I ask in all seriousness: How high are you?


  8. I think somebody has been smoking green smokes. His attituded is that of somebody who knows had it not been for one 30 yard completion late against the Hawks, his Bears would have been out of the bowl for a 22nd season. Thing I can't figure out is, how does a guy, with a negative QB rating get to the Superbowl? Idiot only had 140 yards against the Saints with one TD, yet they scored what, 36? damned good thing for the defense.

    Sho, I hope to Gawd we do sign Hack. It would be a serious mistake not to. This guy has the tools to be a premier wideout.

  9. I think it's silly to think that Hackett and Hamlins contracts are related in any way. I would think that Hackett is the priority, since he's better at his position than Hamlin, and his postition is generally considered a more important one. Not that I'm a Hamlin hater, quite opposite, but his ceiling is probably 10th best FS in the league, and Hackett has the tools and opportunity to be a top 5 #2 or slot wideout.

    Sup trolls? How bout a nice glass of STFU with an antifreeze chaser?

  10. Josch! A similar spirits, I and you. I also attend STFU--Singapore Technical Finishing
    University--in Johor! Wow I did not realize two Seahawks fanatics shared an institution this far from the mother city. I own three STFU glasses: a shot glass, a pounder, and my "gangsta special" 40oz. "Myorma". Of course, this being Singapore we dare not officially drink any alco-liquids from these glasses... But. as I understand, like your tobacco-only water pipes in the States, ours get used for something other than what they were intended for.

    And geaux chox to you, as well, fellow STFU brother!

    - Rhongmadren Surpivada

  11. Oh, forgetting almost won! Are you, as I, a Domestic Engineering major? How about that Professor F. Dhringamur? That guy puts the "s" in the word "sambal," do you know my meaning brother?