Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeling A Bit of A Draft

I know. I know. The Seahawks are prepping for a playoff game this weekend. (And I fully expect Seattle to vanquish the 'Boys at home.) However, with the college bowl season drawing rapidly to a close and the post-season all-star games on the horizon I thought it a good time to hit you with a few players to watch in the post-season all-star bowl games that might look good in Seahawk Blue this April.

I’ll group the players by bowl game in rough order of—in my humble opinion—the team’s biggest off-season needs (G, DL, S, CB). As of this writing, only the East-West Shrine game has its roster available online.


Offensive Guard

Beekman, Josh – G, Boston College. Beekman is possibly the top guard available (also plays center). He could slide into the end of the first round.

Frye, Brandon – T, Va. Tech. Frye is very athletic, and has played both tackle spots, but may be a candidate to move inside in the NFL.

Downing, T.J. – G, Ohio State. Downing is a very similar prospect to Ryan Sims. He is likely a day two pick.

Other guys to watch: Tala Esera – T, Hawai’i; Dan Santucci – G, Notre Dame; Robert Turner – G, New Mexico

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  1. Melvin Bullitt is a sweet name. I hope we get him.

  2. Mkristo bruce, hell no!!!! Didn't we learn anything from drafting Soooonotrufant? NEVER, I repeat, NEVER draft Cougars. Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Leaf, Jason David, Marcus Trufant, etc. Fuck ups all.

    I will give that Harrison kid a pass though, he was a helluva back, it's not his fault he was too stupid to know better than to become a Coug.

  3. What has Trufant done?

    He had a very good year. Hes clearly a starting corner in this league, and is easily our #1 guy.

    I dont see how Trufant is a fuck up. Its not his fault we cant generate a pass rush. Its not his fault the refs refuse to call holds on opposing teams. Trufant has been good in coverage and in run coverage. I think people tend to focus on the 1-2 screwups he had this year and ignore every other play. 70% of the time hes doing his job. Thats a good thing in this league. Cornerback is the hardest position to play in sports. Period.

    Im getting sick of people ripping him, hes prolly been the #2 guy on defense all year, behind JPeterson. I guess this means Lofa sucks.

    I would love to see some of you take a crack at Corner. I play the position, so maybe thats why im the only person who can respect the difficulty of it.

    For DRAFT ANALYSIS, go here. There is a reason I picked this position ;)

  4. Trufant has been spectacular this season. Opposing Qb's hardly throw his way because his coverage has been that good. He's one of the better CB's in the league.

    Some of the big plays he's given up have been due to him slipping or someything wack like that, you really can't control that.

    He's also my favorite player next to D-Jack.

    BigO I'm husky too but calling all Cougs fuck ups is just wrong. Truf yeah he is the Truf is one of the best in the business we should sign him to a long term deal now and avoid over paying and losing him in free agency.

    I played CB too and its real hard provided in high school they don't pass half as much as they do in the pro's but Trufant is our second best defender I really hope we sign him now.

  5. Trufant + Clements = best CB duo in the league, unless im forgetting one. Bailey and Williams were pretty imposing before the tragedy.

    Trufant isn't elite (still has time to change that), but hes definitely a #1 corner in this league.

  6. I'd have to agree with you guys, at least for this season. Prior to this year, however, I'd have said Trufant was overrated as a cornerback. However, he's really had a great season. I doubt he'll ever be among the league leaders in picks, but he's done a superb job at defensing passes and forcing opposing QBs to throw the other way.

    That being said, perhaps having Kelly Herndon on the other side made avoiding Trufant a much more appealing proposition. But that's not to denigrate Trufant's year at all--he truly has been awesome.

  7. Trufant had a few picks a couple years back didnt he? Im not sure. We used to be one of the top teams in the league at ball-hawking (pun intended if you intend it to be). I think the lack of picks comes from lack of throws towards him. I have no idea if hes been dropping any...we also dont tip the ball up enough to get picks in the secondary...

    Remember, Ken Lucas took a couple years to turn into a very good corner. Back when he was a mere rookie or one year veteran---before this site obviously---my friends would ask why I was so high on him. I told them to watch, and look at what he became. He might have been struggling with injuries lately, but id still like to have him here...

  8. I played corner in high school, it's definitly a tough job. But when you go back and look at Trufant's career, this year included the dude is garbage. Obviously you cats think he's good, which is why I pray to god that none of you become player personnel consultants/scouts for my Seahawks. Dude sucks, sorry to reign over your parade. There is at least one corner on every team out there that I'd take over Trufant in a damn heartbeat. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

  9. "There is at least one corner on every team out there that I'd take over Trufant in a damn heartbeat."

    Wow, I'm glad YOU're not director of player personnel.

    "Garbage"? You can't be serious,

  10. As a heart attack.

  11. BigO - you're name ain't Hannibal is it?

  12. Nope. I don't follow.

    Adp, you asked "What has Trufant done?" The answer is, not a damn thing.

  13. Just wondering. You remind me of a past friend of mine.

  14. Billy is that you?

    I hate Florida St with a passion but you dont see me ripping into Walter Jones or Michael Boulware. I even have Walter Jones' Rookie Cards where he is in a FSU uniform.

    I say booo.

    Despite the putrid pass rush (and again, the billion holds that arent being called), Trufant has still done his job. Hes even bailed the defense out a few times against the RUN. Its not his fault he has to bail out the front 4, Hamlin and even Herndon after they make a brain fart. All the discussions we had on missed tackles..we've never mentioned Trufant's name. How about on big 3rd down plays, where the opposing team runs and Trufant flattented them behind the line?

    Meezy, where are you man? We both play/played corner, and im sure you're on my side on this one...

  15. I agree with you all the way adp infact I fail to see how Trufant is bad CB.

    BigO please tell me what he is doing wrong his coverage is good most of the time. He is an excellent CB good against the run. If I remember correctly everytime a team has a big run against us it always seem to be trufant who runs across the field to tackle him.

    So BigO what has Trufant done wrong. Nothing?? Mistakes happen live with it your in denial the guy is damn good.

  16. Allright Meezy, we'll have to agree to disagree, in my opinion Trufant sucks. Oh, and after tonights game and how it went down, w/ J. Stevens savin our ass, can fools stop the hate please and give it up for my fellow dawg?

    Bring on the Bears.