Saturday, January 06, 2007

Citizen K Likes This Award 1-06-07

Amazing victory, just amazing.

For at least the fifth time this season the Seahawks pulled victory from the jaws of defeat (or tie-feat,) this time creatively and ingeniously not relying on Josh Brown's powerful and accurate right leg. Instead, their methodology involved a number of big defensive stops, combined with an atypically fairly judged game by the officiating crew and an equally unusual capability of hanging on to routine passes on the part of one much-aligned starting Dawg tight end.

So does number eighty-six exclusively earn the Like award for his almost heroic play tonight? Read the rest of the post to determine the facts...

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  1. Had the ending been less dramatic, with the same out come. The talk would have been about Stevens and his clutch catches, along w/ Engram's back to strenght, heads-up great slot play. with honerablemention to Branch. All the above covering well for a poor game by Mathew.

    But that is why it is a team sport.

  2. Well, this is why you play every play hard. What I thought:

    I find it hilarious that Cowboy fans are blaming the refs. The major calls were the correct ones. We're also the Seahawks...nice to meet you. The game was against us like every other game, but this time there were more fair calls made. Best ref-ed game of the year for us, even though we still didnt get some of the PIs and Holds they were committing. I really didnt like the feeling when our entire season came down to the referee---and a conclusive overturn at that---and they made the correct call. (referring to Tatupu's tackle).

    Cowboy fans are also complaining...and get this, theyre calling their team heartbreaking because they havent won a playoff game in 10 years now. Um...we went 21 years without one. They need to appreciate what they have...which is a few SB trophies.

    This was a team effory through and through. I didnt care whether or not they made the FG simply because we're the best two minute offense in the history of football...period. Plus we had two timeouts. I was confident we would win...until I saw Romo take off running after the bad snap and Al Michaels screaming about it...

    My tv angle was behind Romo when he ran, and it looked like he was home free...if he scored the TD, the game wouldnt exactly be over. If he woulda dropped at the 1 yard line...we'd have less than 10 seconds to my worry was the first down, not the FG.

    Its amazing...if the Cowboys were penalized for no reason, then I guess the fans are saying they were disciplined. Funny because fumbling the ball around at the end of the game, throwing the ball into the ground every other pass, and dropping more balls than caught...I would say thats far from disciplined.

    I think this is a great balance of them losing and us winning. Romo's fumble was huge obviously, but make no mistake---they didnt lose the game completely...they helped, but our team definitely fought for it. I was very impressed.

    TO had 2 catches for 26 yards.

    Pete Hunter had a fumble recovery and looked very solid out there.

    Gotta credit the FO for signing the right guy.

    Guys, we basically beat the Cowboys with backups. Most of the starters that did play were injured (DJack, Walt, Hackett, Gray, etc)...yet we overcame. If thats not a testament to depth, I dont know what is. Depth has become such a cliche and I dont think people understand how important it really is.

    Babs is one of the top ten most underrated players in the NFL. Got to be. Its guys like these that help teams in our situation do what our team is doing...

  3. I waisted all Saturday watching the game so that means Sunday I had to do all the homework I didn't do yesterday so that's why I'm commenting so late usually I'm on top of things.

    ADP hit everything me and that guy click like that I swear it seems like we got the same brain or something.

    Jeramy Stevens what about that guy. I know I've called him soft probably more than anyone else (mostly to get a response form alba) but boy did that boy come out last night. With the WR depleted he's gonna have to do it a little more.

    BTW I've ridiculed Stevens a lot but never suggeested we should release him or anything like that. The guy is a great talent just has to use it all the time.

    I feel that we should be able to take Chicago just don't kick it toward Devin Hester. Punt everyball out of bounds. Try to get a lot of air on the kick offs I know its hard.Coverage has to be their everytime no creases or anything.

    Bears won't take advantage of our secondary because
    1) Lovie Smith is a stupid coach offensive wise
    2) Grossman is a stupid QB who can't read a defense
    3) Jennings and Babs are not bad and we zone the rest

    I see this game even though its on the road easier then the Cowboys game.

    I was listening to the radio and watching every player interview and those guys sounded like that was the biggest game they've ever won bigger than the NFC Championship game. They want this bad you can tell.

    Holmgren should outcoach Lovie.

    Hasselbeck can't make those mistakes the 1st pick was the worst throw I've ever seen it just sailed on him dead arm or something if he got it over Branch has a big gain.

    No mor Alexander is a soft runner he gets the tough yardage when you need them some times when there is bad blocking their too.

  4. I agree with the Devin Hester comment...gotta keep it out of his hands. If you look at our injured list...we have TWELVE PLAYERS ON INJURED RESERVE. Only two of those came right before the its because he had little season left. Most were legit major injuries. On ST, we lost our gunner (Scoobs), blocker (Terrill and Tafoya), leader (Williams) all for the year. Our ST coverage is depleted by a large margine. Hester is pretty dangerous. The Bears relied on him and the field position he gave them.

    I againa gree with Meezy...I think they are going to be easier than Dallas. This is a game where if we play our style, we win...dont even have to worry about them really. Just do the following (easier said than done):

    1. Keep Hester away from all returns...that way the Bears offense has longer odds without great field position.

    2. Turnovers down. The Bears seemingly---and I say this as an exagerration---they seem to score more points with their defense than their offense. Plus the field position caused by turnovers cant be bad.

    3. Refs. The Bears love to tackle with their helmets, which they've done all season. They need to get called out on it. I really think they are a dirty team. How many times did they go offsides against us? How about one of the worst holding displays known to man. I say if the Bears are blitzing, get on of the young olinesman up the middle to dive-block into the blitzers' legs.

    4. Dont blitz through the middle anymore. They kept doing that last night with Peterson and co...and they got held. Why risk it, hoping the refs call the hold? They clearly dont call them. So while Peterson is being held, we're basically playing with 10 players on less pass less playmaker...and so forth. Obviously Peterson is the last guy we need being contained. Blitz off the edge. Not only do you have better success there, you have a better shot at pressuring, a better shot of not being held (since it always seems to be Guards doing it on us)...better shot not to have someone dive-block you (like a few teams did to us at the end of the year...ARI and especially SF)...and finally...if they do hold off the edge, refs have a better shot of seeing it as opposed to being held in the middle of the trenches.

    Meezy, me and you think alike probably because we have our eyes open. All people have to do is open their eyes...sadly, most of the nation listens to the media instead. Hince why 'depth' is a cliche now.

  5. A friend of mine and I made the long journey to Seattle-land to cheer against the Cowboys (if you were at the game and saw a guy in a Clinton Portis jersey, well... that was me). What a crazy stadium y'all have. And, I swear, I don't think I've even been in a stadium that was quite so consistently loud. Every time Dallas huddled, we all screamed until the play was over, caught our breath, and started over. And when the 'Hawks were in the huddle? Well... it was still kind of loud, but we did our best to shut up.


  6. Nice, good to see you keeping an eye on this place, Tricky.

    Now go to Chicago and support us there. I remember hearing Urlacher and Grossman saying the Redskins smell bad.

    : )

  7. Bears won't take advantage of our secondary because
    1) Lovie Smith is a stupid coach offensive wise
    2) Grossman is a stupid QB who can't read a defense

    LOL, drinkin the Haterade! Nice.

    Re TrickyBudda, funny, I was telling someone that I might hate Dallas more than I like Seattle. I wear a Seahawks shirt everyday, year round, with very few exceptions. So I applaud your effort to hate as well.

  8. >>> Now go to Chicago and support us there. I remember hearing Urlacher and Grossman saying the Redskins smell bad. <<<

    Hahaha! I'm seriously tempted! ;)