Saturday, January 06, 2007

NFC Wild Card Game: Seahawks 21, Cowboys 20 - THANK YOU, GOD!!!

What a crazy finish! The Seahawks took care of business when they absolutely had to, and get rewarded with a win and a trip to Chicago.

How about Jerramy Stevens? He redeemed himself by catching the only 2 TDs the Seahawks scored. He also didn't drop the ball at all (a pleasant surprise).

The first half turned out to be uglier than Pink's hair (I call it a mullethawk; part mullet, park mohawk) in NBC's lame intro bit. The Cowgirls took a 10-6 at halftime on a last-second TD pass from Tony "Choker" Romo to Patrick Crayton. The 'Hawks could have had a 14-10 lead heading into halftime, but could only get two FGs in their two trips into the red zone.

The game truly began in the second half. The Seahawks took the lead on a Jerramy Stevens' TD catch, then promptly gave it back by allowing a 93 yard kickoff return for a TD (fire Bob Casullo!). After the Cowgirls added a FG (after a crazy pick was made by Roy Williams, who was BARELY in bounds) to make it 20-13, the 'Hawks went back to work. They got to the Dallas 1 on a PI, then get nothing on four tries. Fortunately, the Cowgirls choke. Terry Glenn fumbles, and the 'Hawks bat the loose ball out of the endzone for a safety (but an A for effort goes to J-Pete and Lofa). Seattle gets the ball back on the free kick, and four plays later, Hass hits Stevens for his second TD. I liked the call to go for two, but execute better, PLEASE!

The next possession was all about choking. First, the 'Hawks' defense chokes, letting Julius Jones run down to the Seahawk 11. Then the Cowgirls can't make a first down, and the Tuna elects to kick the field goal instead going for it on a very makeable fourth and one. The rest is history: Homo Romo Choker muffs the hold, tries to run it in, but is stopped short. Game over.

One last note: if the Seahawks don't do better in the red zone (1 TD and 2 FGs in 4 trips), and don't convert turnovers into points (2 points off of 2 Cowgirl TOs), the 'Hawks WILL NOT make it to their second consecutive NFC Championship Game.

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  1. Simply put, dubbed this a nickname:

    The Emerald City Miracle.

    Say it aloud, it has a nice ring to it.

    Speechless In Seattle?

    Im in Maryland and im still speechless.

    Endure the bad and the good will follow...

  2. I'm so happy now.

    There's no way we get 1st and goal at the 1 and don't score. Holmgren gave up on the run after the 1st play. You run a little counter or sweep to the left with Mack as your lead block thats how we excell. We should have run it again.

    Red zone offense needs to improve.

    If you take out the special teams TD we were better than them pretty much the whole game. Matt's another Brett Favre hope he would stop with the int's though. I think its a tribute to Mike Holmgren.

    I know I'm a dead beat dad but my son Kelly Jennings is the truth this guy should be something next year super proud of him.

    Special teams coverage might be crap because all of their regular stars and captains are on the IR. Pretty much its a group of new guys thrown together each week so Cassulo should get a pass. Wow I'm defending Cassulo

    I want the Giants to win but we match up better against the Bears. Saints have the best pass offense we have a decemated secondary.

    I hope no big injuries and everyone will be able to play next week.

  3. Saints remind me of the Rams in their prime. He octane, lots of RB passes, explosive. They have as good a defense as the Rams have had a couple years ago, when they were perrennial playoff threat.

    Knowing how the year has gone, im sure Sea-NO would turn into a defensive game...even though evidence points to the otherwise.

    I want Chicago for the sole purpose of beating them. Thats it...I want our team to be the one that crushes Chicago.

  4. Have I mentioned how much I love Lofa Tatupu right now? He nearly turned the impossible play ever seen in the NFL Playoffs -- tap a bouncing fumbe in the end zone over to Babineaux to score the defensive TD -- which was still an impressive saftey. And not only that, he also stopped Jason Witten at the 1 & 7/8th yard line, keeping the Cowboys FG chances alive. As much love as I have for Babs tripping up Romo at the end, or Stevens at the two TD catches, Tatupu is my MVP for the game.

    Well, maybe Romo gets my vote first.

  5. Well adp, you got your wish. The 'Hawks go to Chicago.

  6. Hawks have had trouble in the red zone all year. I think it mostly can be blamed on injuries to the O-line/Hasselbeck/Alexander.

  7. Seeing 6'0" (on a good day!), 238# Tatupu stop 6'5" 265# Witten dead in his tracks short of the first down was flat amazing. He didn't have a great angle on him, but Tatup simply WILLED Witten to stop. Then it almost when for nothing when the loser ref spots the ball a good yard past where Witten was stopped.

    But man, that stop by Big Bplay Babs was pure magic. As Romo charged towards the TD, or at least the 1st down, either of which would have surely killed even the slimmest hope of a Seahawk victory, I saw a dreadlocks dangling from under the helmet as a guy runs back an INT for a TD in overtime; I saw Bobby Engram drop a pass that hit him in the hands; I saw Willie Parker running free to the end zone, and Jerremy Stevens missing a clutch catch, and a yellow flag flying after a perfect D-Jack TD catch. All the recent history of playoff failure was in my mind as Romo first fumbles the hold, then runst to the nearly empty left side, seemingly destined to score a TD or at least get the first down. Maybe I;m a cynic, but man, when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day your entire life, you come to expect it. And when the Seahawks have an improbable turn of events in the playoffs, you come to expect it to mean that they lose in an absurd way. You expect defeat to be snatched from the jaws of victory.

    But not this time. Babs lunges, and manages to get a firm grasp on a foot, then cleverly uses his facemask to bring down Romo short of the goal line, and what's more, short of the 1st down marker!

    Maybe, just maybe, this year the sun will set in the East...