Thursday, January 25, 2007

Please God, Answer Webster's Prayers

Since getting my electronic pink-slip from AOL, I'm trying to see how many valid articles I can post before February 6th, when they officially remove me from the corporate teet.

Here's one about the Titans interviewing two Seahawks Execs for their open GM position, Mike Reinfeldt and Ruston Webster...

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  1. Still corporate whoring, even though the corporation already left the figurative money on the dresser? Have some dignity man.

    Oh, good article, I guess I agree, but I really don't care. Rhino, Webster, whatever, I'd prefer to lose neither, but I accept the fact that guys want to advance.

  2. At this point, the Corporate John has passed out on the bed, so I'm just riffling through his wallet to take a few extra dollars before heading out into the cold dark night!

    We've got until Feb. 6th to clear out our virtual desks, and me and The Watchdog from the Rams forum are trying to see how many valid posts we can make before the paymaster closes the window for good. What the hell, if I'm going to throw words at the internet, I might as well get paid for it while I still can!

    Now, back on topic. Both Bloof (on SeahawkBlue) and some other Ram douche (on teh Fanhouse) have speculated that Reinfeldt may have botched the Hutchinson deal, which is why he's been allowed to seek employment elsewhere.

    Interesting angle.

  3. O.T.

    Ha ha!!!!

    Alba said 'teh'.

    Bwah hah hah.

    Didn't know it was contagious didja?

    Back On topic: Yeah, that's a very interesting twist on the Hutch fiasco. Takes a bit of doubt from my mind in regards to Ruskell the Great. 8)

    Ands while I'm sorry you lost yer other job, that simply means that Alba's a 'Street exclusive right? I like the idea myself.

  4. "teh".....that's just funny to me for some reason.

    Oh yeah.

    And not to sound unsympathetic Alba, but glad you're back to being a Street exclusive again.

  5. Ok, the site's messing with me, I posted the first on and it wasn't showing, so I posted the second and now they're both there. Now I have a web site messing with me....I give up man.

  6. get a were born with a target birth-mark on your back!!!

  7. Vinny, did you try to hit "teh" refresh button before you reposted? I had the same thing happen for a time, I kept posting doubles. I thought I was drunk. The refresh showed that everything, like me, was cool....

  8. Cool maybe, but it still doesn't mean you're not drunk! :-)