Friday, January 12, 2007

Predictions for Chicago game

My fellow Seahawk fans, it's time for you to slap on your turbans, grease up your conjuring fingers, and open that third eye. It's prognostication time. Make a prediction about some aspect of the game versus Chicago--whether it's the final score, time of possession, overall yardage, turnovers, or specific player statistics like rushes, catches, yards gained, scores, etc. (FYI, the line is at 9 points, with most "experts" saying it'll be even more than that...)

Prizes: whomever comes closest in whichever stat(s) they choose will win a lifetime supply of bragging rights. (Sorry, I can't afford anything else.)

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  1. Hasselbeck with 1 INT.

    Bears lose 1 fumble.

    Engram scores a TD.

    Brown with 3 FG.

    Final score: 23-20, Seattle.

    Alexander 75 yards.

  2. You know, the first line of you post is awfully ... dirty.

    I predict JB will win it with a FG.

  3. Hawks 312 total yards, Bears 252.

  4. I say we start by taking a 6-0 lead in the 1st half.

    Rexy is gonna be under pressure to score so he will throw a few picks etc. If we keep the special teams in check we win 20-10.

  5. jackin'4beats1/12/2007 12:25:00 PM

    Seahawks are getting rumphed this weekend. Won't even need Rexstacy to throw too much for them to win.

    24-13 Da Bears.

  6. Rexstacy—LOL! He won't get to throw too much 'cause Wistrom is going to sack him twice.

    I know Meez has proven himself the master of predictions; is that 6-0 lead two field goals or a TD without the extra point? (Or does your crystal football not reveal that info?)

  7. "'cause Wistrom is going to sack him twice."

    Man please, Grant Wistrom couldn't sack groceries.

  8. Man, I'm totaly scared to predict this one. Except for last year, I'm never freaking right.

    Hass 2 picks, Grossman 3.

    Hass sacked once, Grossman 3.

    Hawks 1 fumble, Bears 2.

    No dropped passes for the Hawks and 6 for the Bears.

    Seahawks defensive line is in Grossman's face all day with three deflected passes and one that results in a pick.

    Alexander rushes for 90 yards and a TD. Stevens 70 yards with a TD.

    Branch and Hackett also score.

    Lets not forget about Mackasaurus Strongumus for an over the topper.

    The Ice Man closes it out with one at the end, we didn't need him all day but mops it up..

    That'll be the outcome of a 38-9 lambasting of the Bears that sends them home humiliated as paper Tigers..

    We get our Revenge...

    Sound good to you??

  9. Im gonna predict alba's whole 12 days of Seahawkdom song thingy!

    Nothing sweeter than a blowout...but if its going to be close, 2nd best would be Brown kicking the game winner as Gould---the guy who blantantly robbed Brown of the Pro Bowl---sits and watches the best kicker in the NFC.

    Sorry but Brown is WAYYYYYY better than Robbie Gould. A little BIRDY told me!

  10. "Grant Wistrom couldn't sack groceries"

    So, is that your prediction? Because I've called QFC to set up "Wistrom Challenge 2007--Bag Boy Edition." We'll see if you have the Gift... ;-)

    BTW, I agree with you, for the most part, but I can sense Wistrom's going to pull out all the stops for this game.

  11. Here is how FoxSports feels. They pretty much sum up the Pigeons.

    Let's face it, the Seahawks have no business even being in this game. First, Dallas gift-wraps a safety by running a wide receiver screen on its own 1-yard line. Then comes a divine officiating reversal from above, forcing a fourth-down field goal attempt. Then comes the Fall of Romo, perhaps the most baffling failure ever by an NFL player in a playoff loss. He didn't drop the snap. He dropped the place. He failed not to catch the ball but to set it on the ground. Wow.

    Playing in a division where they were basically lucky enough to earn a bye into the playoffs, the Seahawks have had week after week after week to work out the kinks on offense and still they sputter.

    Finally, some reality. The NFL should make a futility rule and not allow teams like the Pigeons and Giants anywhere near the playoffs.

  12. Real Hawks Fan1/12/2007 09:33:00 PM

    How about a prediction, so you can truly lord your superiority over us measly Hawk fans?

    FoxSports is wrong, and since you didn't put any of your own opinions on the line, so are you for parroting their blather. "Dallas gift-wraps a safety" is bullshit. Jennings knocked the ball out with a great helmet-to-ball blast. That was a good play, not a Dallas miscue. Get it right!

    Next, the "divine officiating reversal from above" was, surprise, a good call! Tatupu OBVIOUSLY had stuffed the much larger Witten decently short of the line. The "divine" part comes in where the befuddled officials initially gave him an unearned first down on the play. They tried to influence the game, but were correctly overruled upon review. You want to blame that overruling on the Seahawks? Go right ahead--it WAS all Tatupu on that play. One of the game's heroes.\

    "perhaps the most baffling failure ever by an NFL player in a playoff loss" How about any of the missed easy FGs by Scott Norwood in the early 90s? Or does the Super Bowl not count as the playoffs?

    "they were basically lucky enough to earn a bye into the playoffs" is also an idiotic statement. If they were lucky they'd have swept the division again. But they basically played like crap in their three losses, and deserved to go only 3-3. Lucky to have a .500 record? WTF?

    "Finally, some reality" shows how out of touch you really are with the concept. Media perception to you is real. How fucked up can it get?

  13. Real Statitician1/12/2007 09:58:00 PM

    9 different offensive lines in 16 games. Luck or skill. The judgement is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to say it was lucky, I'll disagree and call it good adaptation by the coaching staff. If healthy, this team would have had at least 12 wins, so what's "lucky" about 9? I just don't see it.

  14. Isn't realist a Phins Phan? How'd foxsports feel about their chances at the beginning of the season? Ok then, good luck.

  15. I'm calling for a close loss on the road to a little better team.

    A deep run's not in the cards for our beloveds this post-season. The issue really as much with the defense as it's been made out. We have one of the five worst offensive lines in the league. It's hard to go deep in the playoffs under those conditions on a team built to be driven by the offense.

    It bee's that way some years. (I'll be posting something on the game here shortly.)

    Chi 24, Sea 17

    Interestingly, I think Chicago had better win this year because this year could be the ceiling for them. Almost no matter what happens from here the Bears go into next season unsettled at QB. They have a pretty good offensive line (one that incidentally managed to stay perfectly healthy this season) but a pedestrian running game. It's hard not to like their WRs but Mooch will be another year older (and he's barely an average receiver now). Chicago is in a position where they'll have to remain a dominant defense, not just a good one. And, one thing we know about the salary-cap NFL era it's hard to maintain a dominant defense year to year. You can stay dominant on offense but the other side of the ball is hard to maintain.

    Oh, as for last week vs. Dallas, let's be clear. Had Dallas won, they'd have been the lucky team. Seattle was better in pretty much every measurable category (other than allowing the long KO runback). The screen pass to Terry Glenn was no different than a long hand-off, except he only had one man to beat to make a long gain. He was no more likely to fumble on that play than Barber or Jones would have been with a handoff. Further, since Seattle averaged almost a full yard per play more than Dallas on the game, even if the 'Boys convert their kick, Seattle (with 2 TOs) would have had ample time to drive the ball down the field and kick a game-winning FG.

  16. We can (and will) take this game...just for the sake of revenge. You know we are the first team, in what, 6 years to return to the playoffs after being in the Superbowl the year before? This year is the year of "destiny." Last year the season was kind of easy, this year they have had to scrape and scrap for almost every win. The Bears are good and they are tough, but the Seahawks are a team of destiny and this will be their year. I predict a Seahawks win (obviously)...


  17. realist is a fins fan? Wonder how he feels about Miami selecting Daunte' Culpepper over that funny lil' QB that San-diego pawned off on Nawlins....?

    Now what was his name again?

    Oh yeah, Bwahahaha.....