Friday, May 25, 2007

Breaking Wind of Change

I just farted.

Which helps me to appreciate just how far technology has elevated blogging.

DON'T CLICK THAT 'BACK' BUTTON! Allow me to explain.

Right now, I am not in the office typing. Being Memorial Day weekend,
I wanted to take our old ski boat out for a test drive. Every year,
after the boat has wintered over, I take it out for a solo joy ride,
just to check everything over. Then I can take the family and friends
out with a lot less stress and worry.

So right now, I am out in the middle of the Columbia River, slowly
drifting by the West end of Columbia Park. The sunset is beautiful. A
majestic Blue Heron just flew by. I can hear people with their friends
having fun in the park. My Corona is ice cold and the condensation
from the bottle feels like heaven on my mildly sunburned forehead.

But that fart smells like shit from hell. The mosquitoes even stopped
bothering me. Thanks to this Blackberry, and wireless internet, I
don't have to blog at you from the confined space of my office.
Somebody would be dialing 911 for sure. Friggin Nazi death chamber
skidmark control room bullshit.

So I have God to thank for this (nearly) perfect moment, and
technology to thank for my ability to share it with you without dying.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. May you have comfort as you
remember those you have lost. May you have a deep appreciation for
those you still hold as you spend your time together in life's
pleasures. And may you have wide open, airy spaces to fart in.

Gotta go. I'll be landing the boat in the dark now. And checking my
shorts soon therafter.


  1. When you step into the marina mens room for your shorts-check, leave your blackberry in the boat...we really don't need to be kept up to date on the status of your bowels!

  2. I wonder if we can track that fart with doppler radar?