Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doctor, We Have a Pulse!

I don't know if this constitutes a revival or not, but last week I started missing this old place.

I dusted off my blogger login and started checking things out with a fresh perspective. It turns out there are some cool things that can be done with the new blogger template - just check out Pamela on the left margin if you don't believe me.

Where do we go from here? It depends on your response.
Will the dude on the left slip back into a coma? Or will the nice lady kick start his heart, lift up his towel and make this a happy ending?

If you guys write, I will keep tweaking until we have a site that's good enough to make Roger Goodell pissed. If not, I'll go back and work on my avatars.


  1. Other than the format beeing TOO FUCKING WIDE...it's like seeing Lazurus rise from the tomb!

    What does this mean for the world of blogdom? Who knows.

    But even if the revival is just long enough for the blog to utter "rosebud"...it's nice to see an old friend again.

  2. I'd love to see the street back up and running. Haven't had time to contribute anything worthwhile anywhere (including my job!) but i keep checking in...


  3. Paulie! Good to hear from you, my freind.

    I'll keep you on the roster. Doing a bit of pruning here soon.

    Alba, and anyone else: What do you thinks is a good width? I have it at 1024px right now. I can change it to 800 or something.

  4. 800 is probably a good width, since not everyone has cool new wide screen monitors.

  5. P.S. I have a bunch of banners that I never got to use at the Street too, which are formatted for 800 wide.

  6. DUDE... we're back!


    Oh man this is great...

  7. Btw, I love the nighttime feel of the site, Bloof. Im a nocturnal type.

  8. Thank Jesus and whoever the Jew equivilent to Jesus is. I've been lost for weeks now.

    I have been drafting something to put up since Alan did the out with the old post, but it turns out I'm retarded and don't have any of my own ideas. Stupid innernets.

  9. Now its white? Okie doke. Liked the nighttime feel better though.

    Anyways, question - Who is Taylor Gumbos? http://12seahawksstreet-page2.blogspot.com/

    Should I recognize that name? Is it Gumbusto?

  10. Weird! WTF was Gumby thinking?

    I actually like the dark too, ADP. But this is all part of the 'rebirth' package, creating a definite visual change to go hand in hand with the changes we've made to the scope and content. Welcome to the light.

    JoSCh, you're such a chicken shit. When you testicles descend, let me know, I'll hook you up with a blogin.

  11. Who is Taylor Gumbos?

    Taylor is SeahawksFan#1 from the PI Forum

  12. Bloof, do whatever you want. Im just glad this site is back.

    Alba, Is that an old name on the PI or is it from the current PI? I dont recognize it...and I dont go anywhere else to talk besides the two best sites.