Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where Are All the Black Bloggers?

The NFL is a league predominantly made up of non-white players, run by predominately white coaches and front office personnel.

Is the internet just another facet of this arbitrary color barrier?

I have been participating in fan forums and sports related blogs for several years now, and I can count on one hand the number of regular African American contributors who either identified themselves as such through their screen name or their commentary.

As a matter of fact, the number is two. HawkSista from the PI forum and O-Meezy from this very blog.

So in a nation where the majority of the population is a minority, where are all the black bloggers? I think it would be great to get the input and perspective from the African-American sports fans out there, especially on issues like Pacman Jones, Mike Vick and that video clip of Peyton Manning dancing.

Is it there some Caucasian predisposition to wasting your employer's work time conversing on the internet with anonymous people who share the same interests as you?

Are sports-blogs the modern day member's only country club or private fraternal organization?

Or is this just another case where I'm cluelessly tooling around in the suburbs and all the black bloggers are hanging out in at some super cool site in the city, with multi-color graphics, phat sounds and bitchin video feeds?


  1. The Big O biatch. Represent!

    On mildly related news, I was kicked off KSK commenting for calling them cunts for debating what NYC paper is better, and for calling them Deadspin for rookies. Related because Bigo was banned too I believe. Fight the powah!

  2. Isn't someone getting banned from KSK one of the 4 signs of the apolcolypse?

    I mean, how can those foul-mouth, racially insenstive, irreverent yet hysterical bitches have the stones to ban anyone?

    It's not like none of them are above dropping a "C" word now and then.

    Go ahead, call us KSK for rookies. We can take it!

  3. "I was kicked off KSK commenting for calling them cunts for debating what NYC paper is better, and for calling them Deadspin for rookies"

    NO YOU DI'ENT!!! :O

    Linkage, Jerry!

  4. Back on topic-way to reach out, alba! You even got the Beyonce booty running in the peep show!

  5. David Crockett5/30/2007 05:02:00 PM

    No. I suppose like most everything else in the contemporary US black folks and white folks live in separate worlds but meet each other on occasion at some social outing and tend not to even see it in quite the same way. If we just limit the discussion to those folks on the right side of the digital divide--those with access, I suspect that most black sports bloggers are focused on the NBA and college hoops. These days I do most of my blogging over at and see a decent number of black commentators and bloggers, but I'm just guessing. The most vibrant black presence in the blogosphere is around music and politics I think.


    Good to 'see' you, man.

    That's an interesting point - a cultural divide of interests.

    BTW, when I think of Davey Crockett, I always think of what kind of cap he wears - but that would be really bad in this thread.

  7. Isn't Meezy a Latino of some type? (Perhaps he's black/Latino.)

  8. As I recall Meezy is of middle eastern descent, or possibly north African. Meaning an A Rab of sorts.

    Bloof, thanks at KSK.