Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vick May Be Getting a Bad Rap

Some truth is coming out in the Michael Vick dog fighting investigation. It appears that he may not be as cruel and inhumane as I once thought. AP reports via ESPN:

"Since the raid, Poindexter said, erroneous reports have surfaced that the dogs were malnourished and that many had scarring and injuries consistent with dog fighting. The dogs, he said, appeared largely to have been well cared for, and the only one that required immediate veterinary care had a broken leg because of a birth defect."
That's good to hear. The thought of 66 malnourished dogs reeks of a canine holocaust. I'm glad it's not true. But why did that come out? Sounds like an overzealous cop to me.

There are some other things that bother me:

"The investigation is focused on dog fighting because while some equipment seized could be typical of a legitimate breeding operation, which Vick is registered to have, there also was a "pry bar" used to pry apart a dog's jaws, and bloodstained carpeting."
I know of loving, caring, responsible pit bull breeders that wisely have these bars, just in case of an emergency. They call it a "break stick." When a pit bull clamps down on something, there is no way in hell it is letting go. This is the only way to get them off, short of injuring them.

In fact, do yourself a favor and check out this link at Pit Bull Rescue Central. Read right under the words, "Why Every Responsible Pit Bull Owner Needs a Break Stick."

But what about the blood stains? Isn't that evidence of a dog fighting operation?

"The bloodied carpet was seized during the raid, and Poindexter said he saw what appeared to be blood spatters on the floor of a room inside the home above the garage.

""The floor was not drenched in blood, but there were specks that appeared to me to be blood," he said."
Specks of blood? Really? I imagine you could find that in any kennel.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking up for Vick. I'm taking up for the truth. This whole picture was painted as being much worse than reality.

But there is something very amiss about having 60+ dogs on a property. That is a crime in itself, if it is not part of a rescue operation. And if this is part of a dog fighting operation, it is indeed heinous. But there are so many exaggerated details about this incident that it sounds like a bad rap.


  1. Dude, Poindexter is being very hypocritical. He turned over the investigation. He clearly did not want to be the guy to run through hometown boy's bad deeds.

    I wouldnt listen to him.

    Vick apparently had some website where he sold the dogs or whatever. His friend who was living there was also part of it.

    Its similar to Barry Bonds, there is the evidence, but we wont know unless he says 'I did it'.

    There was also an informant claiming that Vick has been seen at numerous dogfights.

    Alba could prolly help me out, as he is a fellow PFT reader. Pro Football Talk is all over this case...check it out if you get time. It would be under 'rumor mill'.

  2. OK, if you're going to make Mike Vick posts, then I say gimme more posts about your rectal misfires!

    Vick is no better than the skid mark your boating flatulence left in your underoos.

    Just look at his brother, and you'll see the family tendency is toward evil, not good. Mike just got a better PR person, that's all.

  3. ADP: My only point in this write-up is that some of the evidence seems bogus, and only the items I mentioned.

    I'm all for him meeting swift justice if he is involved in fighting dogs.

    Alba: Be careful what you wish for.

  4. Tis ok.

    I cheated anyways...I skimmed.

    Blame alba for being a bad influence.

  5. Just look at his brother, and you'll see the family tendency is toward evil, not good.

    Wow. Roger Clinton. Billy Carter. Both have patently evil brothers, but they seem like really nice guys... ;-)

    That said, the e-crucification of Mike is deserved, because he is a rich black man. If only Sgt Harrison Yates was in Virginny and not in Colorado...

  6. If Marcus Vick was a loveable drunk or 60-throwback, instead of a leg-stompin juvenile delinquent, you could probably compare him to Roger and Billy.

    For that matter, Mike Vick ain't never going to be President neither!