Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Chad Johnson's New Moniker: Oso Cheapo!

First there was the issue of sticking Sean Peyton with the $1,600 bill for 10 tickets to the Bengals/Saints game, the the hosting coach was good enough to procure for the visiting egomaniac.

Now comes word from WLWT TV5 in Kentucky that Chad Johnson could be the most recent Bengal to turn in his orange striped jersey for well, an orange striped jumpsuit.

Seems the effervescent receiver and a local comedy club called the Funny Bone were in cahoots on a raffle which supposedly included as prizes: tickets to the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl and a Lexus.

Funny thing is though, it appears that no prizes were ever awarded. And those who were sucked in by the blond-mohawked one are none-too-happy about getting scalped.

Memo to Chad: when it comes to your fans, there's nothing to Funny about them getting Boned.

Oh yeah, and NFL Commissioner Richie Cunningham already has the Bengal's front office on speed-dial, so you might want to start packing for your trip to New York.


  1. Wow I didnt know that...

    Shame, I liked him, he tried to add some fun back into the league.

  2. What a schmuck. Why do this to the fans - they essentially make his paycheck.