Thursday, May 31, 2007

Great Coach Tirade Medley

Ahhh, I miss the sights and sounds of the regular season. The beer. The screaming fans. The cheerleaders. And -- pissed off coaches.

Click and enjoy this great NFL Head Coach Tirade Medley, with such timeless classics as:

  • Herm Edwards, 2002: "HELLO! We play to win the game!"
  • Bill Callahan, 2003: "We are the dumbest team in America."
  • Jim Mora, 1996: "We did diddly-poo."
  • Mike Ditka, 1999: "NEXT!" and "What do you care?"
  • Jim Fassel, 2000: "We're raising the ante."
  • Jim Mora, 2001: "Playoffs? Don't talk to me about Playoffs!"
  • And of course, Dennis Green, 2006: "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE."

Good times.


  1. THose are great sound bites.

    So, who among the current active coaches is the best sound bite?

    You rarely get anything out of Holmgren other than "Goodness gracious, gee willikers, St. Pete!"

  2. Denny Green wins the tirade award, hands down.

    But as far as pure, listenable dialogue, I would take Holmgren's press conferences, and I really enjoyed interviews with Parcells last year.

    Here's to the old farts with something wise to say...[clink]

  3. What was the last thing Ditka said? He said 'if you...'...? It was right he asked why the reporter cared he was in a bad mood.