Wednesday, May 30, 2007

David Kircus Can Blow Smoke Up Mike Shanahan's A$$

So here's the story: Broncos receiver David Kircus got in a fight after a party in the Denver suburbs on May 20. He allegedly punched a man in the face and sent him to the hospital looking like a hockey player. Kircus now faces a second degree assault charge that can give him two to six years in the sodomy shack.

But he's innocent, or so he says. He even convinced Mike Shanahan it was self defense by telling him he's willing to take a polygraph test, and subsequently passing.

The result? According to

"If he flunked the test, he would not be with us," Shanahan said. "He wanted to take the test. He said, 'Coach, if I flunk it, I won't be on this football team. If I do pass it, I'll be on this team.' I said, 'Hey, that's fair enough for me.'

"Anybody that wants to go in there and take a lie-detector test where his career is based on whether it comes out positive or negative, I've got a good feeling" that he defended himself in the fight, Shanahan said.
Mike Shanahan, you've been duped. Anyone can pass a lie detector test. Dumbass.

I can see it now -- David Kircus jumping on the internet and finding, and finding everything he needs to know to beat the machine. It's all right there. Take note of some of these facts provided on their site:

And why in the hell wouldn't Kircus give it a shot? If he's found guilty in a court of law, he'll lose his job. If he fails the polygraph,, he'll lose his job. If he manages to get a successful test, he supposedly keeps his job either way, and may even score some points in public opinion.

I thought Shanahan was smarter than that.


  1. I thought Shanahan was smarter than that.

    How can you say this about someone who took a job working for Al Davis??!!

  2. I thought the polygraph was specifically designed that all blacks failed regardless. Foiled again!