Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Name is URL

It's the off-season.

So The Fuck What!

Used to be, as a life-long Seahawks fan living on the East Coast, that I had to scratch and claw for any shred of news about my favorite team, DURING the season, and only really knew the names of the players the WorldWide MisLeader deemed worthy of their precious air time.

Now, thanks to NFL Network and the internet, I can probably tell you the 2nd and 3rd string option at each position on offense and defense, how they were acquired, and what's their favorite dish. OK, to be honest, that last bit of information is from the Seahawks Cookbook I picked up on one of my trips to the motherland, but you get the idea.

If you're reading this blog entry, you're like me, a rabid fan who can't get enough information on this team, 24 x 7 x 365, so I have a question for you...

What three web sites can't you live without?

For me, the answer is quite simply Seahawks Insider (aka: Mike Sando's Blog),, and

If my early days of getting Seahawks news 10 seconds per week on SportsCenter was like experimenting with marijuana, Mike Sando's blog is like main-lining heroine with my nyphomaniac, swimsuit model wife who owns a Porche dealership! Quite simply, it's the best source for Seahawks news anywhere. Bar none. If there's something happening with the Seahawks, Sando's got it, and usually first, and provides the information with his own spot-on, objective analysis and not the usual homerism that you get from a local sports beat reporter.

He also doesn't feel the need to feed his ego and go all negative on the team, even in the wake of monumental boneheaded manuevers like using the Transition Tag on Hutch, like Steve Kelley or the ever repulsive Les Carpenter.

While is only a little more than a year old, it has established itself as the best fan forum site on the internet, in my not-so-humble opinion. What makes this site so special is the fact that it is completely designed, moderated, and controlled by the people who post there, not some underpaid community college drop-out who is managing skatey-eight other forums for some newspaper or for-pay site. Everyone is welcome to post there, even fans from rival teams, but idiots and trolls are quickly dealt with. Not by banning, but by relegating them to the dreaded Smackdown Forum, which is somewhat analogous to throwing the Christians to the lions back in the day. Of course, if it were modern times, I'd take St. Francis the sissy minus seven over the Kitna-lead Lions as long as Matt Millen is still at the healm!

Getting back to the Blue though, it's much more than just a Seahawks forum, it's a true on-line community. There are sub-forums for the other Seattle-area sports teams, a lounge for elite members to get to know each other better, and for the second year in a row, they are hosting a SeahawkBlue Get-Together when the hated Rams come to town, with attendance already doubled last years group. made the list because they're not afraid to post crap that a friend heard from a friend's barber's sister's cousin's tailor, but a lot of time they're right on the money. The Picture of the Day is usually creative, although it doesn't change daily like the name might indicate, and their Turd Watch and Days Without An Arrest counter are very topical in the light of the strict personal conduct policy brought in by NFL commissioner Richie Cunningham.

I used to be a junkie, but since they get most of their Seahawks news from Sando, I've already read it on his blog before it appears on their site. Other honorable mention goes to Kissing Suzy Kolber, which is hysterical, but with some of their content, I'm breaking about a dozen office policies just by loading their blog!

So now that I showed you mine, it's time for you to show me yours.

If karma threw you a curve, and your internet provider could only provide access to three web sites, which ones would they be?


  1. NFL commissioner Richie Cunningham

    That, my friend, just made me laugh like a boat race drunk!

  2. But, oh, yeah:

    SeahawkBlue is my brother.

    Sando is on top of the information mountain.

    And a weird one you'd never expect from me - Slacker Manager.

  3. Steve Large Gent5/23/2007 11:30:00 AM

    I'm am SO glad you guys seem to be resurrecting this site, which a year ago would have been on my top three list.

    I've been lurking on another Seahawks blog for awhile, and made the mistake of commenting, only to get pummelled on by some of the other commenters over there. I hope things are different at 12 Seahawks Street.

    I gotta agree with Sando's blog being the obvious #1 choice. I like Squidly's site, which offers quick links to Seahawks articles on other news sites.

    I spend most of my time at the Seattle Times Forum, which is where I started my on-line Seahawks habit, but I'll definitely have to check out this SeahawkBlue sounds great.

  4. Welcome aboard, gent!

    Try the fish.

  5. Steve Large Gent5/23/2007 11:57:00 AM

    Only if it's throw, Pike's Market style!


  6. Thats awesome. I even miss guys dropping by saying they like the site.

    This one is #1 for me, no doubt. And 2nd. And 3rd.

    Excluding this...the 3 sites I need most:

    When it comes to football only:
    Seahawk Blue, Seahawks Insider, PFT...basically Bloofs

    Seahawk Blue, Lookout Landing (currently), and ughhh Wrestlecrap. Very funny stuff.

  7. You broke my Blackberry!

  8. Ummm, AyeDeePee, those were MY choices, not Bloof's!

  9. Actually, it was a psychological test I placed to see if you have cured any feedback whorism.

    You failed. : ).

  10. Lol, you guys are serious dorks

  11. Get the FUCK OUT LAMB TROLL!!!

    1 will be this site, 2 TNT/Sando, 3 is my fantasy football message board.