Sunday, December 31, 2006

Week 17: Seahawks 23, Buccaneers 7 - Carnage in Tampa

The Seahawks got a little momentum to go into the playoffs with a 23-7 win over Tampa Bay. The win, however, came with a price. Kelly Herdon broke his left ankle in the first quarter, Jimmy Williams, his backup, got carted off with a left knee injury in the fourth quarter, and Leroy Hill got a concussion.

The offense got back on track this week. Matt Hasselbeck went 17 of 29 with 216 yards and a TD pass to the above-pictured DJ Hackett. Shaun Alexander rushed 28 times for 92 yards and a TD. The offense did a good job of sustaining drives, having 4 of their 9 drives go for 10 or more plays. They dominated time of possession, 37:20-22:40, including having the ball for the last 9:33 of the game.

Seattle will host the Cowgirls next weekend at Qwest Field for a NFC Wild Card game. It promises to be a shootout, as neither team has much of a pass defense. The Cowgirls finished their regular season with a two-game losing streak, including a 39-31 home loss to Detroit today. It will be Hass, Shaun, Deion, (hopefully) D-Jack, and DJ vs. Tony Homo Romo, Sharpie Boy (TO), Terry Glenn, Jason Witten, and Marion Barber.

UPDATE: The game will be on Saturday, January 6, at 5:00 pm PST. (televised on NBC)

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  1. If it weren't for the injuries to the corners I would pretty much guarantee a superbowl trip but what the hell our best CB is now a rookie.

    The pass rush is gonna have to be stellar if we wanna get far we can't leave these guys hanging. Marshall has his work cut out for him.

    Isn't it ironic when the offense gets all healthy and ready to go the defensive backs start falling like bricks.

    The offense will need to start carrying this team I mean get a big lead and be able to make long time consuming drives that end in touchdowns not field goals.

    Go Seahawks we have a good chance as anyone in the miserable NFC. We still are champs.

    Chicago: horrible offense defense is no longer the greatest thing since the 85 Bears, are very beatable. Just keep the special teams coverage in check and who knows Grossman might win it for us.

    New Orleans: They are the perenial losers of the NFL and this year won't change it. Sure their offense can put a lot of points on the board but guess what their defense can't stop anyone. Reminds me of this other team in the AFC you know the guys who make it to the playoffs every season and then loses. You can run the ball down their throat West Coast Offense will kill them.

    Philly: Jeff Garcia isn't beating us. No 2nd stringer is beating us. Yeah good job you made it this far now your out of energy Cinderella will go home with nothing.

    Dallas: This team is pathetic they are coming to Seattle losing 3 of 4 and damn we are better then them besides its at Qwest their o-line is their weak point refs get those arms rolling false start. Everyone has been able to score on these guys as of late. Hacket eats the secondary push coverage back Alexander runs all over them classic West Coast Offense.

    Giants: They are one disfunctional mess point blake but I sure hope they beat Philly and then the Bears.

    So here is what we have to do to make it to the superbowl.


  2. what worries me about dallas, frankly, is the size of their offensive line. we know that parcells is a big believer in staying with the run to keep the front four honest and turn the game into 7 on 7. by the end of the game, if it's close or we're behind, they'll wear us down with that line the same way san francisco did. (and boy, aren't the niners gonna be a load next year?)

    we may be in a position where we can't do much other than sit in a two deep zone on defense. that, obviously, works in favor of romo.

    here's where i think seattle can win the game -- on special teams. we're better in every ST area in football outsiders, except FG/XP (and that's primarily about the early season blocks). if we can play field position football, we can keep parcells conservative in his play-calling. what's clear is that he does not trust his team.

    obviously, on defense the front four will need to have the game of the season for us, and limit the exposure of the secondary. what i'd like to see us do is a bit of what detroit did yesterday in the few minutes i saw late -- rush three/drop eight. force romo to take check downs. on offense, we have to go three and four wides all day to create matchup problems downfield and running lanes for shaun.

  3. We are in as good position as any team in the NFC right now, regardless of our decimated secondary. (Doesn't this remind you of 2002, where EVERY FREAKIN CORNERBACK got hurt, and we were down to begging Wee Willie Williams out of retirement?) This was a sound, decisive win by the Seahawks. If this team is confident it can play the game their way -- and not resort to solely reacting to what the other team is doing -- then a win over "America's Team" should be very likely.

  4. Woo, Hawks!

    Dallas is stumbling right now, ripe for a road thrashing. Hawks can provide that, assuming D. J. "The Hawks' Best Receiver" Hackett comes back. It's all on the offense; they stopped TB pretty well, but that's TB. The Hawks are looking good, and should win this one, though it will be close. Brown gives them the edge. 30-27, Seattle.