Tuesday, September 11, 2007

12SS Knockout Pool: Week 2

Week One saw the Jeff Garcia knocked almost unconscious, Charlie Fyre knocked all the way from Cleveland to Seattle, and six contestent eliminated from the 12 Seahawks Street Knock Out Pool.

Remember that we're using a service this year, so click the link below and get your picks in before the games begin. Also, don't forget that you cannot pick the same team you used in Week 1. Below is today's line from the NY Post to help you make your selction. Click the image for a larger view, but remember the point spread is not used.

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SeaTown206 (no selection)
CitizenK (Kansas City)
Frank (Kansas City)
PaulieP (Oakland)
UK Sub (Jacksonville)
SimpleHawk (Buffalo)


  1. That can't be right, can it? Seahawks even with the Cards?

  2. I guess this means we are officially 'flying under the radar.'

    Let's kick some retardinal feathers!

  3. I think because the Cards played the late game on Monday they hadn't had time to set the line yet.

    Either that, or they're buffaloed by all the pre-season hype, and think we'll win by the 3 point margin they usually provide to home teams.

    Will be interesting to see what the line is tomorrow.

  4. The Post lies anyway. Fucking New Yorkers. Pffffffffft!

    Nice to see CitK holding tight to his record. Consistency wins championships.

  5. Lol, JoSCh. I know I suck at picking winners. That's actually what I came on here to say.