Friday, September 07, 2007

Jerramy Spoke Out In Court Today

Thanks to snohawk907 who posted this link in the comment section of the TNT Seahawks Insider blog, we learn that Jerramy Stevens was found guilty of drunk driving today.

Apparently there was not enough room in The Republic to also report that fire is hot, water is wet, and that Wade Wilson drastically misinterpreted the 'desired growth effects' of taking HGH!

Now all that remains to be seen is if Commissioner Richie Cunningham allows Stevens to embarrass himself by returning to Qwest field on Sunday with his swachbuckling buddies, or if he just suspends his drunken ass immediately.

I hope he doesn't hand down his ruling until next week. I'm kind of counting on old Jerramy for a few signature drive-killing drops this weekend!


  1. Methinks that if he somehow manages to dodge NFL Commissioner Richie Cunningham's Fax of Death until after tha game, the reception in Qwest will be colder than a witches' tit stirring a margarita.

  2. And it's probably the only reception he'll have on the day!

  3. I'm sure he'll find some receptions after the game to hit up. Gotta score those margos anywhere he can!

  4. Just hope the TV in his cell block gets good reception so he can watch is current and former team play during his suspension!

  5. It was almost better than one could hope. Oh well. Good luck Stevens, watch out for your cornhole.