Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tatupu, Peterson and Hill are Gonna Be On Frank Gore, Like (Something Something)

You know Lofa Tatupu and company have this Sunday's game circled on their calendar. Last season, Frank Gore trucked around the Seahawks for 416 total yards, and that didn't make anyone in Blue very happy.

Do you think they are gonna let that happen again? Not on their watch. The front seven will be coming at him without good intentions.

Like flies on shit.

Baaah, that's boring...

Like a hammer to a nail.

Like a pod of killer whales on a seal.


Like Rocky's fists on a side of beef.

WHOA! Wrong beef.

Like a fat guy on a booger.

Like a tazer on a pig.

Like Alba on positive feedback, Citizen K on an anagram. (NSFW!!! With the volume on, anyway.)

Wait, I said anagram.

Like a post thingy to a truck.


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