Friday, September 14, 2007

The Arizona Cardinals Are Mentally Fragile

Put yourselves in the shoes of the Arizona Cardinals for a minute:

It's the day after game one of the regular season. just like every team in the NFL, you have a chance to win it all, with 15 more important games ahead of you. You're hungry for success, having acquired lots of talent from high draft picks after lousy seasons, and made some noise with agressive moves in free agency.

This could be the year-- the talent is in place. All you need to do is keep improving, work hard in the film room and practice hard on the field.

You started the season with a key divisional matchup, and lost by a narrow margin. Fundamentally, there were some good things, like a solid running game, some tough tackling, etc..

But next, you face the reigning division champs, the Seattle Seahawks. They are a balanced, well coached, talented team. If you want to beat them, you need to correct some mistakes, right? You need to get better, if you want to have any chance of winning the division, right? The Seahawks are watching film, seeing where they can improve--they will be improving, will you?

It all makes perfect sense. They were pretty close last week to being a leg up on San Francisco (whom many favor to take the NFC West crown), and would have been tied for the division lead with Seattle, heading into the this week's game. They were that close.

But what do we hear coming out of Tempe? A weak bunch of mentally fragile pussies who can't bear to look at the film.

WR Larry Fitgerald:
"We didn't even watch the tape. We want to put that one behind us as fast as possible."

What a bunch of candy-assed douchebags. They are so emotionally downtrodden from losing their first game of the season their solution is to deny it ever existed. Well, guess what? Without watching film, you are who you think you are. And now you let yourself off the hook. No accountablity whatsoever.

It's no wonder Seattle was won more playoff games in one season than they have in their entire 48 years of existence.

To quote JoSCh, "pphhhfffftt."

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  1. They didnt even watch game film?

    Dude. They dont deserve to win.

    You'd think they would want to get better, but being below average has to be just so comforting to them.

    I really hope the Hawks show up and play their A game. The Tards needs their season over as soon as possible just to get outta our way.

    Its like one of those kids that stands there in a backyard football game, and lets you run by him because he is scared to tackle. Just get the fuck outta my way!!!