Monday, September 10, 2007

Seahawks Defense Inspires Beat Writer

After watching the Seattle Seahawks defense dismantle and practically dismember the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, new Tacoma News Tribune beat writer Frank Hughes decided he too should start kicking ass and taking names!

This is a football blog. Specifically a Seahawks blog. This is not a place for you to spout your frustrations over your job, children, wife, friends, life – or lack thereof in any of those aspects. If you want to post, keep your posts related to the Seahawks or anything else in the NFL. I welcome the Billy Watsons of the world who add to the conversation with insightful knowledge and additional information. If you don’t like the way the Billy Watsons present their information, skip their posts. Internalize your contempt. But please avoid personal attacks. If you post personal attacks, they will be deleted.

It appears that having to deal with assimilating into a new professional sports environment, regular editorial deadlines, and the long and dreary off-season wasn't the worst of the new job nightmares for Mr. Hughes, but rather having to deal with the opinions, advice and insufferable comparisons to Sando of the "regular" commenters on his Seahawks Insider blog.

You have had five weeks to get over the fact that this blog is no longer run by Sando. Life changes. Get over it.

This reminds me of one of my favorite Eddie Murphy lines from Shrek I, "I'm a donkey on the edge!", and I can almost imagine Frank's eye twitching as he wrote those words!

It's great that he finally sounded off in this manner. I just hope that I get to read the inevitibly caustic and irrational reponse from El Pierro Grande before it gets deleted!


  1. I for one don't think Frank has even sniffed Sandos butt as far as bringing quality to the Tnt Insider. However, poster have really unleashed criticism of him and they just need to shut their snouts.

    Why the mention of Billie Watson in that diatribe. Yes, I said Billie and I think everyone should spell his name that way. That self proclaimed know it dipshit would be wise to pull his meat out of the tailpipe.

  2. Luckily, we here at 12SS don't frown on in-fighting between commenters on this blog, as a matter of fact, we encourage it!

    While it's true that Frank hasn't provided the level of in-depth analysis and insider information that we came to expect from Sando, it's unfair to think he could develop that level of "street cred" in this first season on the job.

    It's like expecting a rookie QB to come in cold and take the place of a perennial all-pro.

    I too am perplexed by his support of Billie, because in my opinion, he's been the most demeaning and condescending to Frank in his comments.

    The good news is that post should stop the Billie-Haters and Billie-Supporters from waging their Holy Jihad in the comments section.

    As stated above though, they're all more than welcome to come to the street and continue it over here!

  3. Maybe he didn't understand that "Wild" Bill Watson was condescending him?

    Oh, and you douchebags should go play a game of hide and go fuck yourselves. Pricks.

  4. Same to you, you stupid in-bred rebel!