Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Adam Schein Has Total Wood for Shaun Alexander

So much for flying under the radar. Adam Schein has this little thing every year where he like to hand out major awards before the season, like he's a professional football analyst or something. Well, he seems a bit infatuated with Shaun:

Offensive Player of the year: Shaun Alexander. Let's remember what Alexander did in 2005. And let's also remember that the running back was never healthy in 2006. A training camp visit to lovely Kirkland, Washington has me convinced that the 2005 MVP will be back to his old form. Oh yeah, and Matt Hasselbeck tells me Alexander will catch 50 balls this year.

I'd like to think he's right.

Hey -- there is no Adam Schein curse, is there?


  1. According to the young ladies in his Hebrew School, yes, there was a curse, but some pennicilin and a good helping of matzo ball soup cleared it up!

  2. Ok, I can forgive Shaun, but it's on Adam Schein, you trick ass ho! Thats my man. Unnnngg, no he di'int! Snap-snap-snap