Friday, September 07, 2007

Bucs Fans are Pooping Their Pants

Seriously... I know that Vegas has the Bucs losing by six, but this? Grow some cajones, people!

We're in BIG TIME Trouble for Sundays Match-up with the Seahawks...

And you get BONUS YouTube footage of a Jeff Garcia's dream, after the jump!

A big blow-up doll of an anonymous teammate... Radio Gaga playing in the background... midgets... puppies...


  1. So what? You wait 20 minutes now to make it look less obvious, you headline stealing son of a bitch!!!

    And to BucsFan I quote my dear friend and one time gay lover JoSCh who is often caught saying "Pfft!"

    Like we need insider information in order to Wynn this game.


  2. Good thing you didn't put any effort into that post or I might feel bad....

  3. Id imagine the Bucs fans should be intimidated, but he came off bad implying intentionally or unintentionally that Wyms is the sole reason for fear.

    Im sorry, but the Seahawks are vastly better in every single aspect than the Bucs.

    I still say close game though. Be nice, Karma.

    Bloof, its good seeing you again. Will I be seeing you in Seattle come October?

  4. Not likely... October is going to be a crazy month for me. But I haven't ruled out a day trip.

    It's ggreat to know you're making the trip, though!