Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another Reason to Root Against the Steelers

It's not like Seahawks fans need extra justification to hate on the team who stole our lombardi trophy in front of millions of viewers, but there happens to be 11 people in the 12 Seahawks Street Knockout Pool who picked the Steelers to win in Week #1, making it the game that most people picked.

So while seeing the Steelers lose always brings a smile to my face, knowing it would dump nearly a quarter of the competitors out of the contest makes that much sweeter. Besides, for some geographically incongruent reason, the plurality of coaches and team parents in my son's Pop Warner league happen to be Steeler fans, which makes me hate the team a little more. (and causes me to wear my Seahawks gear proudly to all practices and games!)

Not surprising in a Seahawks-site-sponsored pool, there were also eleven of us "homers" who expect to make it safely to Week #2 with a home field drubbing of the Bucs.

The next most picked team is the Lions over the Raiders, where 6 contestents are hoping that the 1 guy who picked Oakland is wrong. Either way, someone is getting busted out in that game. (hey, what happens with these things if the game ends in a tie?)

Here's the breakdown of the rest of the picks for rooting purposes:

Minnesota (4)
New England (3)
Denver (3)
Kansas City (2)

and one each for Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and Houston.

Early congrats to Watchdog and TheBritishAreComing for correctly picking the Colts over the Saints.

By the way, the picture above comes from loljocks and I strongly recommend you click that link and check out the hysterical pix that accompany his picks.

Enjoy the game everyone, except of course, the twelve suckahs who picked the Steelers.


  1. I chose the Steelers, but only because they were playing the Browns. I like winning stuff, and picking against Romeo Crennel in anything but an eating contest is easy money.

  2. That one guy that picked Oakland was me. And I suck.