Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blue Plate Special: Fisher-Frye

Coming back to the office from lunch I heard the ESPN radio teaser about an NFL trade involving a QB who had a rocky start to week one, so I rushed up to my office and fired up my browser to see if it involved the Seahawks.

It did!

Apparently, the Seahawks have acquired much maligned QB Charlie Frye from the Browns in a three team deal involving the Titans. As part of that deal, Renton native DE Bryce Fisher has been sent to the Titans in exchange for undisclosed draft picks.

Looks like the Brady Quinn era is due to start next week in Cleveland, and that the 'slash' era for Seneca Wallace is about to begin in Seattle.

I'll miss Bryce Fisher, but with the development of Daryl Tapp, he became expendable.

This story is still devloping, so here's the 'linkage.'

Fisher Says He's Been Traded to the Titans
(Seahawks Insider)

Browns Deal Charlie Frye to Seahawks

Browns Trade Frye to Seattle

Frye Flies West


  1. Frye better not be bringing staph infections or any of the other Cleveland maladies (perpetual shittiness?) with him. God I hate Cleveland. Fuck you in the mouth Drew Carey!

  2. Frye was the best Ruskell could do??? Fuck.

  3. Wow, riveting analysis Mike. And humorous too.

    Scared off Frank Hughes' blog and looking for somewhere else to troll? Try www.seahawkblue.com.

  4. The only thing I don't like about it is that Cleveland was trading Frye to make room for Dorsey. Do we think Frye is a better QB than Dorsey? Couldn't we have just signed Dorsey?

  5. I think the answer to that question is "no".

    Dorsey went through preseason with the Browns, so he already knows their system, and from the reports, it sounds like he'll be the starter for at least half the season before they hand the reigns over to PeeWee Quinn.

    With the injuries to other QBs like Manning and McNair, the FO probably didn't want to take a chance on Frye getting released and being claimed off waivers by some inferior club.

    It may also be that the Browns were looking for a draft pick that we didn't have yet, and we may have picked the right one up with the Fisher trade.

    My gut tells me this isn't over yet either, and there may be another shoe to drop.

  6. I'm pretty excited about Charlie Frye. I think he could bring a lot to the game, especially at halftime.


    If Liza Munelli and Regis Philbin like him, I would say this was a great trade.