Friday, September 07, 2007

Let's Add Religion & Start a Holy War!

The three things you're not supposed to talk about in polite conversation are sex, religion and politics. Since this is a sports blog that is full of masterbatory images and homophobic references, we'll have to take sex right out of that equation.

But apparently, some fans take their politics a little too seriously, especially when their favorite team is involved.

Thanks to reader Aaron who provided his commentary on this recent article by Jim Moore in the PI about the inflammatory backlash from the Seattle faithful, directed at Matt and Mack for giving George W. a Seahawks jersey:

This whole article just makes me sick. The people who consider themselves liberals and democrats who were quoted in this article no nothing about what it takes to have the freedoms they have here in this great country. That goes the same for Mrs. Holmgren too. To mix politics and sports..........get over it people. Truly embarrassing to say I'm from the Seattle area. But I am still a HUGE SEAHAWK FAN, regardless of any of the rest of the teams political affiliations.

What has Aaron so up in arms as to call out liberal Seahawks fans and dear, sweet Mrs. Holmgren? Here's a few choice cuts from the Go2Guy's piece that should make any Seahawk fan's blood boil, regardless of which lever you pull on election day.

"I hate you (Matt Hasselbeck), I'll never wear your jersey, I'll never like the Seahawks again."

"How dare Hasselbeck declare Bush an honorary Seahawk," "Who is Matt speaking for? Bush is no Seahawk. He is the worst president of my lifetime, and I'm almost 60. Shame on you, Matt."

"Just goes to show you that being a great athlete doesn't make you smart."

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a proud Northeast liberal democrat, and personally agree with the one guy about the Bush Presidency. However, I see no harm in Matt Hasselbeck and Mack Strong supporting their own political ideals and candidates, and see the jersey presentation to Bush as more of a sign of respect for the office he holds, and less as a partisan statement.

Being a sports fan is all about having a favorite team and defending them to the death, no matter how badly they may suck in any given year. Too often though, we apply this same illogical blind faith approach to more important matters, such as religion and politics.

And whether you agree with his political leanings or not, any sports fan who has had to suffer through Whoppi Goldberg, Emmit Smith, and/or TO trying to defend Michael Vick has to agree with this quote from our quarterback, when asked for his opinion of the Bush presidency:

"I caused such a ruckus holding up a jersey. I'm not educated enough to have a public statement about that. People want to hear educated opinions."

If the same rules applied to sports fans, there'd be no need for ESPN, talk radio or internet blogs!


  1. Shotgun!

    This takes the cake. Liberal, Conservative or even freaking ingorant and anarchist, these folks are just idiotic. There is nothing wrong with just giving due honor, regardless of affiliation.

  2. People just like to be angry. It's horrible that people would take this as a reason to not like the Hawks.

  3. Aw they are just steeler fans finding another reason to hate the Seahawks.

  4. I think the only reasonable responses by the King county constituents are to

    A) Move back to the Bay area you fucking douchebags, nobody likes you or your stupid Volvo anyway. Fuck your "honor student" too.

    B) Hijack some airplanes or vest bomb some coffee houses. Allah akbar motherfuckers!