Saturday, September 15, 2007

Five Questions For an Enemy Blogger

I was very happy to get an email from Dan Benton from the AOL Fanhouse, who was interested in resurrecting the Five Questions for an Enemy Blogger schtick from last season. This is where we each come up with five questions for the other about the upcoming matchup, and they post each other's responses on our respective blog sites.

But before we get to that, my co-Streeter Bloof wants me to remind everyone that the Five Questions bit was actually a brain child of Bloof's and it was Bloof who posted the first Five Questions piece while Bloof was blogging for AOL too. (I'm just playing with ya Bloof, but I hope five Bloofs is enough credit for your Mr. Incredible sized ego!)

Now, back to the Five Questions for Dan Benton, who I tried to bait with these questions, but who apparently decided to take the high road instead. Anyone wanting to read some good smack can check out my responses to Dan's five questions at the AOL Fanhouse. (I'd also like to thank Alan for providing awesome question #5.)

1.It seems like every year the Cardinals are the pre-season sweethearts of the media pundits, but by the bye week, the team is usually postioning itself for a high draft pick. Does all this pre-season hype make the mid-season disappointment more depressing for Arizona fans, or do you live for August, when your team is the talk of the town?

DAN BENTON: I tend to think the Cowboys and Redskins are the preseason sweethearts of the media, but I get your point. Look at it this way. For every year that the Cardinals disappoint, it will make a championship that much sweeter. I'm sure you understand that concept. While the Seahawks may play a game or two a year more than Arizona, the outcome is generally the same.

2. Last week the fast and aggressive Seahawk defense knocked Cadillac Williams out of the game, and hit Jeff Garcia so hard it cured his lisp. Is it true that Matt Lienart and Edgerrin James were lobbying the team to change it's feathered logo to the AFLAC duck?

DB: Cured Garcia's lisp? You're usually so careful with your words, but you left that wide open. In fact, there are so many directions I could go with that, it's caused a mental road block. My goodness.

3. The two biggest off season acquisitions for your team were new head coach Ken Wisenhunt and asst. head coach Russ Grimm. Honestly, doesn't one guy's last name just make you giggle, and the other one seem to be a bellweather for your team's playoff chances?

DB: As funny as that may be, it's the best coaching staff Arizona has had in quite some time. While it didn't look pretty last week, we'll see how long it is before everything in Phoenix is clicking and the Cardinals become the team to beat.

4. Your stadium, which holds 63,400, narrowly avoided a rather unsavory and laughable name when the University of Phoenix Stadium stepped in its sponsor, while Matt Lienart has been romantically linked to celebrity socialite Paris Hilton. Can you tell me which Pink Taco holds the record for the number of men to pass through its tunnels?

DB: Unsavory and laughable? Well, I guess it would have been laughable, but I was all for it. I, for one, truly wanted it to be Pink Taco Stadium -- can't get more original than that.

5. I was just wondering, just one more time for shits and giggles, can you clarify just who the Bears are?

DB: The Bears are who we thought they were. And we let them off the hook!

While I truly appreciate Dan's responses, and rabid Cardinal fans are welcome to use the Comments section to provide your own responses with a higher smack content!


  1. Here's question I'd have asked Mr. Benton, about his favorite team: "Why even bother?"